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191bhp 16v

in this months redline magazine there is a clio 16v that has had a filter and exhaust(de-cat pipe) and running 50bhp nitrous. it was on the rollers at 191bhp!!

he claimed to run a 14.5second quarter mile last year at santa pod with smaller NoS injectors. HOW???????

with what mods? and i cant believe that he is running 191 bhp!! even if the NoS is giving him compltely 50BHP(very, very doubtful) he would have to get around 5BHP from de-cat and filter.

i have de-cat, filter and chip and only managed 7BHP extra

specification as follows:

1992 J clio 16V

Engine: 1,998cc F16i.e. twin-cam 16v running on mobil 1 motorsport 15w-50 fully synthetic oil. Converted by Hillpower in winter 2001/02 using a 19,000 mile block from a 1998 megane 2.0 16v. Complete with Gas flowed head with matching intake and exhaust manifolds, Piper fast road camshafts with vernier pulleys and Hillpower re-programmed ECU, Fitted at the same time was a new timing belt, williams clutch, uprated dog bone engine mount, starter motor, alternator and water pump. Colour coded rocker cover and silicon water hoses. Also with Hillpower induction kit and full Magnex stainless steel exhaust system including de-cat. Gearbox has silkolene pro srg75 fully synthetic oil. Immaculate engine bay!

Wheels and suspension: Refurbed standard phase 2 speedline five spokes with 195/50/15 Yokahama A539 tyres, Paddy Hopkirk locking wheels nuts. Suspension lowered professionally by Hillpower with Avo adjustable coil-overs, -50mm at front; and Avo adjustable shocks, torsion bar adjusted -60mm at rear. New strut top mount kits at front.

Interior: Factory phase 2 interior, with height and lumbar adjustment. Electric windows and mirrors. Factory sunroof and Pas.

Brakes: EBC turbo groove discs with EBC greenstuff pads all round and factory ABS. New rear wheel bearings. Serviced and cleaned calipers front and rear.

Exterior: Finished in Stunning Renault carmen red 719. Never damaged or crashed - and no rust. Phase 2 rubbing strips, colour coded spoiler and phase 2 grille. Clear side repeaters. Cliosport sticker on rear screen No other body modifications.

ICE: Factory headunit with fingertip remote control. Alpine sxs 5" speakers in front doors and Alpine sxs tweeters in dash. Factory speakers in rear.

Security: Toad AI606 Thatcham Category 1 alarm and immobiliser, with remote central locking.

Performance: Rolling roaded at 131bhp @ the wheels, 170bhp @ the flywheel at Power Engineering with printout to prove. Runs the 1/4 mile in 14.738s again with timing slip to prove! 0-60 in 6.69s, 0-100 in 17.16s as featured in this months issue of Performance GTI.
  Lionel Richie

Its true it did run a 14.5, i was there at USC and saw it, i thought it was a bit quick!!!! Its defo the same car, as my mates were at the Power Engineering RR day (theyre the three lads in the centre of the picture on page 95 ben is the one with the tan jacket on with hands in pockets, then Rich is to the left of him as you look at the pic, then Sparkie aka Mark is to the left of him right at the back of the pic)

Sparkie got 231bhp on the rollers!!!!

Hes just finished building Bens car with a T3 turbo and a "special spec" piper cam, should be over 200bhp!!!!!
  Lionel Richie

His name is Dommic Jiminez (thats what it says in Redline)

There have been some printing errors in this article though!!!

the one with throttle bodies? i think it was prima because Nick Hill said he did the throttle bodies but i twas already a 2.1 when it came to him

lol thats the unfortunate thing, some people actually think theyre going to get some money back, J-regs are worth..what two and a bit grand? Id rather have a nice standard one rather than thrashed modded one anyday

they wouldnt even get 2.5, more like just under 2. it is seriously modded, leathers, 17s, coilovers, big brakes and around £11k on the engine alone, but the thin is he will not see a quarter of the money he spent
  BMW 320d Sport

lol yeah they calculate power for those sort of mags, by adding up the mods. Everyone with a brain, or at least a little experience in these things, knows it doesnt work like that. Just cos I ran 100 jets last season and cracked out a *still unbeaten* time of 14.48, doesnt mean I had 250hp. Mats Clio is a good example of a solid powerplant; it might not score astronomical numbers on the dyno, but its all there where it counts - on the quarter mile. Id take Mats supposedly lower powered Clio over this thing with an alleged 191bhp any day.
  BMW 320d Sport

BTW Mat, yeah you ran 14.7 and dont believe in nitrous, youd be knocking on the door of the 13s with a bit of gas mate!

nick, the clio with supposed 191bhp was on the rollers in the magazine. at a rolling road day for R5s this clio came along and manged 191bhp, also, the throttle bodied clio was on the rollers at 205bhp. not just made up power figures, they were on the rollers.

ps i am querstioning the stupid power figures