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197 Cup Springs/Dampers after purchase?


  Clio 197
Currently looking at used 197's as a potential purchase. Two options I'd really like are the Recaro seats (a must) and the cup springs/dampers. Now given my budget and the low number of used examples available within say, a 200 mile radius, I can't afford to be too choosy. The seats seem to be reasonably popular (for £830 you'd have to be mad not to want them when buying new) but the Cup suspension less so...

Does anyone know if Renault dealers are happy to supply and fit the Cup suspension on say a 15000 mile car? If so any ideas of cost? Quite competent with a tool kit so fitting myself wouldn't be a big ask, but again...cost? Dampers and springs from VW/Audi in my past experience have been very expensive items.

Not keen on buying after market lowering kits of coil overs, not for this sort of car anyway. I think RenaultSport are to be trusted when it comes to the set up of a car?

Shame R27's were limited to 500 units and have retained strong prices...

I believe the Cup version comes with the seats as standard and obviously the suspension?