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197 cup ?

  cup 172 mk2 + Scooby
Hi does any one know if a 197 cup will be available in the future ?
Checked out the racing one but only seems to be available LHD and would need mod's for the street I think :S
Need another motor , Impreza going up for sale !


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 6/Ph1 v6/R34
Guessin there will be a 197 cup.....good luck with the scooby sale!
I think theres already pics about of it but i cant find one right now, im sure one has been on here already.... a white one if i remember. Looked much better
  cup 172 mk2 + Scooby
Not at all , had it two years just fancy a change , been home from offshore for a week now and haven't even taken the Scoob out of my garage been using the Cup everyday


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
what about if you have my cup..... in a straight swap for that x rated scoob ;) ;) ;)

2 cups...... twice the fun!!!!

  Clio200 EDC Lux
TBH I can't see what the can do to it to make it lighter etc. The standard 197 is already stripped (no xenons etc etc)