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197 Sex Comes in RED

So I have only had the 197 a week or two now but the modification bug has kicked in already so figured I would start my project thread to show the "before" shots. I had a brief "sensible" stage before changing to the 197 were i owned a BMW 320d E90 but this was short lived. Before that I had a Fiesta ST which i loved every minute of.

Anyhow enough of the rambling, your here to see a Clio! Comments welcome and appreciated!

Alloys are to be refurbished in the next week or so and done in Anthracite. Also intend to get the exhaust tips done at same time!
Thought about getting the wheels done black? Black and red always looks te shizz.

I have thought about black as well buddy, and as yet haven't ruled it out! but i feel the anthracite doesn't look as "aftermarket" if that makes sense?
  Punto/Clio GTT
197's look so boring :( they just blend in with every other car on the road. different colour wheels may make it a bit better