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197 Timing Belt Change

Looking in the near future into replacing the timing belt/water pump/dephaser pulley and reseal a leaking cam cover on a 197. Watched and read until my head hurts on changing it and will be buying the relevant timing tools. I have a few questions:

Will removal of the cam cover and resealing with the relevant sealant involve much extra work?

Although I accept that genuine Renault items is the ideal scenario, I've seen a timing belt kits by Gates or Dayco for substantially less than their Renault counterparts and I hear Gates make them originally for Renault and the Dayco ones are OE.

The timing tools are also available from Gates at a cheaper price than the Renault equivalent, again is it a good saving or a fools route?

Thanks in advance!


ClioSport Club Member
  F56 Cooper S and 172
I’d go genuine Renault for all. Renault parts direct have great prices.
Also aftermarket timing tools like to bend/fail so better getting genuine. You can always buy the tools and sell them on for not much less than you pay for them new


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 197
Gates are not a poor make by any means.
I did the change on mine with the Sealey locking kit. It’s essentially a box with 3 pins in. No way of locking the pulleys together if you wanna change the dephaser safely though.


ClioSport Club Member
I would be happy with the gates kit, but I would use Renault tools. The Gates might well be cheaper but the Renault items will have a higher resale price so you will potentially recoup more of your money. Many sell tools on once used so you may find (like I did) a set of timing tools in the for sale section of this forum or on eBay.

I changed belts, depahser and water pump with engine out of the car as my gearbox was also done at the same time.

For the sake of £100 (or what ever the difference in price between gates and Renault parts) I would likely just use the genuine parts as that would be more attractive to a future buyer especially given that you are doing the belts yourself which will put people off anyway.