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197 Wipers intermittently stop working


ClioSport Club Member
Bit stumped with this one guys,
wipers work as they should when they are working, no sign of any bent or sticky linkage - happens no matter if the windscreen is wet or dry (which rules out drag on the blades overloading a weak motor?)

Suddenly the wipers will just stop either at the fully vertical position, directly in the middle or at the rest position - if i turn the stalk off and back on again it does nothing then suddenly they just burst into life again.

No fault codes in the UCH, battery tests good and strong. Scuttle panel is clear, no blocked drain ports flooding the motor

anything else I can check or am missing?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 197
I chased a similar issue for a long while. I replaced the stalk, squib, and then finally the motor. The motor fixed the issue.

UCH was next on the list