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2.0 Clio 16v

Have just been to get some new Yokos for my beast - and was chatting to the guys at this place about my Valver.

The mechanic swore blind that the very last of the Clio 16vs were fitted with the 2.0 engine!!! I said "no way", but he wouldnt budge and said that his mate used to have one which had "2.0" written in the log book.

I smell a rat!!! I just dont believe this, as I consider myslef to be pretty clued-up about Renaults since 1990ish But just in case: Ive got to ask...did it??

dont think so first ive heard of it, mine if pretty mate being a dec 95 n plater but the person to ask is outka5t. had a mint end of line 96 p-plater

think the guy is talking sh*t really

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yeah I thought id seen a p plate valver round my area a while back! Thought N was the latest! Only ever seen the one though!

I had a late Aug 96.. possibly one of the last valvers to be registered and it certainly didnt have a 2ltr engine... try and think of a polite way to tell him hes talking tripe


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How can you tell whether the engine in the 16v is 2.0 or 1.6? Is it stamped anywhere on the engine or is this a daft question? Does the car have only a 16v badge on it? If so, maybe the guy is right about the 2.0 engine size!

The 16v only ever came with the F7P (F16 ie) engine - which was the same 1.8 as in the 19 16v. I absolutely certain that ALL the standard 16v models were 1.8s. The Williams was the 2.0.

Just becuase an old shape Clio 1.2 (1998-2001) may have been the last of the line, doesnt mean they decided to shove a 172 engine in it!!!!

True, but my 1997 (Mk1, Phase3) 1.2 Clio, has a new DIET engine in it

Renault changed the engine in it for some reason...



looking at a 2.0 litre willy engine ans a 1.8 litre 16v engine they look identical on the out side. its all internal differences.

they only way to tell is too strip the engine or take it for a drive. the 1.8 will rev to 7.2k revs std but the 2.0 will only rev to 6.5 k revs


hmmm, sure... maybe it was a 16v with a Williams Engine Transplant?

Would that make it a Valver or a Williams?

I would say Valver with a 2.0 engine myself...


Funny as I had a similar argument with a Chamade 16v owner who swore blind his was a 2ltr. Has this rumour maybe a little truth in it concerning the 19 I dont know but it seems to pop up every so often

Alex M
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The 16v never came with a 2.0. That was the Williams.

The code for the 1.8 16v lump is F7P and for the 2.0 Williams lump its F7R.

The only way to tell externally is by the engine number which is almost inmpossible to get to but it will say F7p or F7R.

Willy engine has a tubular manifold and the 16v one is bigger and cast. These can be swapped around but not without a bit of work to the downpipe and cat.
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There is another way to tell a Williams engine to a 16v. The blocks strengthening patterns are different. Sad it is that I know this fact, but nevertheless true.

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had someone tell me once he had a R19 williams that had a turbo he got a bit upset when i told him he was talkin BOLLOX!
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You dork knowing about the strengthening patterns!

It would be possible to have a R19 Williams turbo. Obviously it wouldnt be a factory option though.

Plenty of 19s with Willy engines and they can be turbocharged.
  clio 20v

yeah it could be done but he reckoned it came out of the factory like that he also said his mate had a 4x4 turbo nova as well so i reckon he was talkin bollox