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2 aerials on roof of ph2 172 ?

I have the standard aerial on the roof then a small stubby aerial on the spoiler. I've no idea what it's for and it looks awful. I went to remove it but it looks factory fitted... Any ideas ?
I'm not sure , it looks brutal whatever it is. I hope it's not some sort of tracking device. I'll get a picture when I'm home.
I don't think so l33 ? I get a very poor signal on fm/am channels either way.

As I say it looks factory fitted , was there any sort of factory extra it could be ?

This is the only picture I've got , I've tried to zoom in on it but it's hard to see..
After looking at that it looks quite roughly done to be factory fitted.

im thinking its possible someone's attempted to fix the poor radio reception with a second aerial instead of just replacing the base. Going to take the head unit out and check.
Solved. After ripping my car apart chasing this cable it led to under the passenger seat with nothing attached to it. My guess it had some sort of tracker in it for the insurance..
Never heard of that before, it it were the case all Ferrari's etc would have little aerials on them.
Never heard of that before, it it were the case all Ferrari's etc would have little aerials on them.
What do you mean Ex OB ? It does have four holes down beside the gear stick

I mean- I think it may have been one of these new boxes(trackers) some insurance companies offer to lower premiums for younger drivers ,nothing fancy. I could possibly be wrong .Just a guess.

This is the cable -

Anyone had a tracker fitted through a insurance company and had to have a extra aerial installed?


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah, that's probably had some kind of system in it. May not have been police though - some private cars are modified for fire officers, first responders, MOD etc.

A tracker/insurance box wouldn't be visible from within the car.