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2 seater clio anyone

hehe, finally worked out how to get the back seats out of my car, so, just for the weekend Im ditching the back seats, spare wheel, tool kit and the parcel shelf, gotta take it out now, and see a) how noisey it is, and b) whether it makes any noticable difference to the performance at all.....

Anyway, heres a photo of all the bits :D

Ok, well its a bit noisier - only to be expected, but cant really tell any speed increase, but then its p*ssin it down so I cant really push it too much.

Trimmed the exposed metal with some carpet so it dont look too bad at all :D

Right, Im setup for stripping the car out next time York comes around - Game On!
  320d M Sport

Rhys did the same thing and said in the dry it was much better, apprently its only a few screws to do that and take the seats out??


Yeah, Rhys gave me the hints on how to get it out, I must say I was still a bit confused, but when I took out the cross member (The black plastic covered thing) I could then see one Torx bolt, take that out, then the middle bit can slide backward, and you then just lift the ends out and hay presto!, then undo two bolts in the middle and you can split it into two bits (Much easy to move then) But, If youre gonna do it, remember to put the 3 bolts back in once its all removed, otherwise youll end up with water coming in :eek:

So, now what can I remove thatll lighten it some more? (I cant be bothered to take the passenger seat out though, even though I know it weighs a ton)
  320d M Sport

dunno, have you bothered weighing it all?? Id be surprised if hadnt removed as much as renault have with the cup?

Ive gotta get hold of a decent set of scales in order to weight the parts properly, Ill post up the weight saving broken down part by part when I get back home on sunday or monday.

He he!

Whens the rest of the plastic trim, pasenger seat, stereo and sound deadening coming out then John?

Then get a roll cage fitted - full on racer stylee ..........

Be interesting to see how much those back seats weigh though.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Just been out for a drive in this stripped-out mobile megaphone! Its LOUD, but man it SHIFTS! :D For anyone thinking of the zorst / filter / chip route dont hesitate - the difference is really noticable.
  Clio 172 cup

Dont think the back seats weigh too much, one of the front seats with the sub frame probably weighs more than the back seats and parcel shelf put together!
  320d M Sport

Bloody hell!! They that heavy?? hmmm, i still want new seats then....where did i put that spare £600???

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Mike.... how loud is it??? cannot quite hear what you said;)

that K-tec must be deafening with the rear stripped out.....sadly the wife has made me sleep in the spare room until I can get the new centre section fitted and quietened it a bit......mind you I am sleeping well.

Eh? What did ya say? ;)

Yeah, it does get a bit loud LOL, the seats are going back in tonight, but only after Ive weighed everything piece by piece.

Ok, well, Ive finally weighed everything, and here are the scores :

2.00Kgs Parcel Shelf

17.60Kgs Spare Alloy + ContiSport tyre

3.35Kgs Toolkit

2.30Kgs Single Rear Seat Base

3.10Kgs Double Rear Seat Base

4.45Kgs Single Rear Seat Back (Without headrest)

5.80Kgs Double Rear Seat Back (Without headrests)

0.90Kgs Small Headrest

1.10Kgs Large Headrest

1.10Kgs Large Headrest
A grand total of ......... 41.70Kgs, a fair chunk of weight really, so there ya go, if ya wana lighten the load for the drag strip you can either lose about 6 1/2 stone in body weight, or get rid of those back seats! (Oh and dont forget to go the bog before the racing too ;))
  Renault Laguna Coupe

OK, So lets get technical (LOL). Average 172 weighs about 1000kg and has about 150 bhp ATW. So if we could reduce the weight by 500kg wed effectively have double the power. So 500kg=150bhp extra, therefore 50kg=15bhp.

So John your automotive surgery should have made rather more difference than the chip / viper / zorst! I have to say it does go bloody fast tho.

PS If you ditched the gadgets youd probably have another 20bhp!

mike - cheers for that, too much like math for me at this time of night though! LOL

Ditch the gadgets? how would I survive! :eek: Im only doing this so when I load it up with ICE itll still perform ok ;):p

But seriously, what I wana know is how heavy the alloy is on its own, or alternatively how heavy an Eagle F1 is in 195/45R16 form? if I can get one of these two values I should be able to work out the weight saving from going to Team Dynamics Pro Racing wheels or OZ SuperLeggeras, now is there a simple ratio as to take you form weight saving on the wheels to the effective weight saving on the car???
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yeah wheels must be worth a lot more - inertia and all that. Lets start at 100bhp per kilo - makes the Superleggs seem a little less expensive! My car is a lot slower now Ive got a heavy, non-leaking washer bottle :(
  Lionel Richie

This is all too complicated for me to read!!!!! Yes, i have been drinking, it was my birthday on Sunday, and yes, im still celebrating!!!!! Pissed as a parrot!!!!

heheh yeah (mental note, drain washer bottle before next York race day) helium filled tyres anyone? LOL, infact get a big helium balloon in the back as well, thats gotta help :p

Fred - Happy birthday for Sunday matey, so what does that make ya now? 19? You getting that tinting done tomorrow? Id love to see the quality of their work if youre up for meeting up and having a pint tomorrow night somewhere?

Come on John get that front seat out I wanna know how much it weighs ;)

Well actually I wanna know how much a cup seat weighs but cant be arsed to take it out. I dont have scales anyway :confused:


Wayne - Well, if I knew how to get it out I would, so if anyone has got time to jot down what the socket sizes are etc and which bolts/nuts to undo Ill give it a go, Ive gotta give the scales back to my mate soon so the sooner the better.

I have just stripped out my vavler, now its a semi rally machine, but still with the comfort of leather up-front, sounds really loud now, can hear everything it kicks up on the road, also for some reason I have now got a little bit of water inside my front door and I cannot figure out where it has come from, seems quicker though, racing the business men this morning!!