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2003 172 Abs removal - Anyone done it?

  172 2003
Right, before anyone jumps on this with the whole:

"you'll die"



please don't, and also I have searched on here it have just read loads of guessed answers and nothing really definitive.
My car is now off the road with a few problems so thought I'd sort some other smaller issues out while I'm at it.
One of them being some rusty hardlines and also the manky rear flexi pipes.

Ideally I'd like to fit a 172 cup master and run a single rear line through to car via a bias valve and then through to the rear axle and eventually t piecing it either side.
Can this be done?
I believe my gearbox is electric speedo and not cable, so removing the ABS won't actually effect the dash other than a warning light????

Thanks guys and girls



ClioSport Moderator
Correct @Daniel you lovely spud.

I swapped it out on my 52 plate 172 (non cup) largely because it was causing problems, especially on track....

Basically there is info in my project thread, but the basics;

1) you need to have a speedo gearbox else you lose use of the speedo.

2) you need a full cup set up, including brake bias valve and cup lines (or make your own lines up). You can obviously use an aftermarket adjustable bias valve setup as well.

3) it will throw up the STOP and brake warning light on the dash. This is a fail on the MOT unless you remove all of the old ABS system including the ECU / brake part of the loom. With that removed, you can get the car passed under the VOSA guidance for track / rally cars. There is an email I have in my project thread that will help. You also need a tester with half a brain who will actually listen to the VOSA guidelines. Lastly, you may get the cup brake imbalance problems on MOTs but there is a Guidance note for that too. Again in my thread. But your vin won't match a cup vin, so see "tester with a half a brain" comment above... :smile: