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206GTi beaten!!!!!!

I raced a 206GTi yesterday in my 1.6 16v clio and well, lets just say that the Pug GTi got r-r-r-r-r-ROASTED!!!
It was very tight tho! Have to admit that the Pug had one passenger I had none. Well......
The Pug was ahead in first and second gear, but I started to catch up at around 60mph, and in forth we were level,
and by 100 I started to pull away and finally beat him by a cars length!!!

Morale of the story is......

The 206GTi is not all that fast!!!!!!!!!
Just imagine if I had a CLIO 172, (well at least the Pug was able to admire my LEXUS lights hahaha!!!!)
I am the don!!!
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Good work Fella, bet he was gutted. Those 206GTis arent my thing. They just look TOO soft. Shame as its a good motor they put in em really.


By the way!

I know it may be hard to believe but believe me its TRUE!!!
The "mighty" GTi was beaten by me!

Some have said its probably just an XSi, but I know for a fact it wasnt!!!
It had GTi badges!!!!

My mate says Im just chatting breeze!!
Says that my car cant even beat his 206 1.4LX!!!!! Now you guys tell me, who here is talking horse dung??

Im not saying that youre lying or anything but trust me a 206 GTi is anything but not that fast

Are you sure the driver was trying?

Im not trying to start a big youre talking crap post, its just that I am working at the Pug Plant at the moment and have spent a fair bit of time in these cars. They are DEFINATELY faster than the manufacturers claimed 0-60 time of 8.4 secs

True! On paper the stats of the Pug are fab!

But in a race it doesnt just count on power! its also dependant on the driver, his skills, and experience.
I have these qualities, and armed with the 1.6 16v-which isnt at all a slow car- I think I provide a good challenge!

I know that the driver was trying to race me because at the lights he tried to burn me off!! and when neck and neck he gave me a stare!! But maybe he couldnt take it to the limits due to the traffic on the M62!!

But these aside, I whooped him!!!

Anyway, if anyones from Leeds and maybe passing the M62 and happen to come across the firedance Gti, I beat it!!!!
It has 17" Oz super-Ts and silver rub-strips!!

Ever struck you that maybe the Pug driver is of the "100mph+ and theres no way im keepin my licence skool of thot"?

When i get a hire car from my work ill rip the arse of it up to a point but wont go above 90 in a national or 100 on a motorway cos if the cops get me im done good and proper
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Theyre quite quick those pug 206s, pretty torquey, i test drove one ages ago. Never driven a 1.6 clio. He probably is on the pug website saying that he nearly toasted a 172!

Yeah, some of the 206 GTi tests show 0-60 in 7.4 and 0-100 in 24 secs. I know this must be a proud moment for you, but consider this:

I raced a BMW Z3 M Roadster a few months ago out of a tight roundabout and onto a dual carriageway. Basically, I stayed with it up to about 85 then he got a few lengths over me.

I was well proud - that car is listed with a 5 second 0-60!!

But then it clicked - the car must have been cold. There was still steam coming out of the exhausts. The M engine has a harsh rev limiter that moves up the warmer it gets. So in that state, I was probably going to be evens - but when warm, Im sure it would have really had me.

Still - that didnt stop me grinning, him thinking that he must have come across the Mother of all Clios - and it neither did it take away the fact that my humble beast out-handled the Z3 M on the roundabouts

I had a 206GTi on 2 day test before I had the 172 on 2 day test - and there is NO COMPARISON!!! The Pug just aint no way anywhere near as fast.

Someone I work with used to have a 206GTI and exactly the same thing happened every time we raced, which was about twice a week on the way home from work for 3 junctions up the M1. 1st and 2nd - nothing in it,3rd and 4th I would gain/pass slowly. He would make a comeback eventually (top end) and pass me. The 1.6 16v is quite underated and can hold its own against cars that in theory should roast it.
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dynamique 77 didnt know u were from round these parts. wll have to keep a look out for your car, colour?


ClioSport Club Member
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I dont reckon it was a 206 GTi or it wasnt trying...

Peugeot 206 GTi:

Power - 137bhp
0-60 - 7.4secs
0-100 - 21.6secs
1/4 Mile - 16.2secs @ 88mph

You seriously telling me a "standard" 1.6 dynamique beat one of these?!

Just to compare...

Renault Clio Williams:

Power - 150bhp
0-60 - 7.7secs
0-100 - 20.8secs
1/4 Mile - 16.1secs @ 88mph

The 206 GTi is virtually the same as a Willy to the 1/4 mile and slightly behind to 100mph, but both would kill a Dynamique mate!

And just becuase it had "GTi" badges does NOT mean it was a GTi...

Sorry Jilly......No hard feeling meant!!
Well my bird gets a bit figity and gives me a bit of a slap when I start to attempt to get all 4 wheels to slide around b road bends and roundabouts etc. As soon as I start creeping over 90 I get a little warning tap on the knee.

I raced a 206 GTi quite some time ago. Upto 65ish the Pug gives a good show - basically if they rag it then you need to rag the 172 to show your edge. After 65 the 172 really does start to leave it behind !