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2100 Microsoft Points for £5.24


  FN2 Type R
Heres a great chance to get 2100 microsoft points for only £7. Find it on another forum but it works and people have had it delivered within 5 working day.

Go to Littlewoods - The Official UK Home Shopping Website

In the search bar type "microsoft points"

You will go to a page where they are selling it for £22.

Click add to basket and then go to checkout to buy.

You'll obviously have to set up a littlewoods account which takes a couple of mins but once done type "ZG753" in the promotional code box and it will give you a £15 discount.

Littlewoods do the payment in 2 stages.

You WILL be charged the full £22 on your credit card but they will then give you a REFUND of £15 against that before they post the item out to you so don't be alarmed if you first see £22 being taken out of your bank.

hope you find it useful

If you do it through QuidCo they track and pay on the original 22 quid so you get an extra 1.76 back.

A lot of folk have probably heard of this but for all the people that are just joining Xbox for Forza n the likes won't have!

I've just ordered mine :).


  FN2 Type R
Ah should have said, the promo code is First time Littlewoods buyers...

But people have been using there mums/wifes/sisters cards etc and signing them up too and that's worked, doesn't matter if it's going to the same address.
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Confirmed this works:

Order summary from 07-Nov-2009
Item Qty Options Deliver To Delivery Time / Date Price
(including discount)
XBOX LIVE 2100 MICROSOFT POINTS 1 Pay by Credit/Debit Card MY ACCOUNT ADDRESS Expected delivery by ...
Thursday 12 November


Delivery £0.00


  FN2 Type R
Some sites actually give you the code by e-mail almost instantly... some on ebay do it too.
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Yeah I have already done this so I think I will have to buy some more in someone else's name lol.

Oh and it deffo works :)

Alex H

ClioSport Club Member
If you've ever ordered anything from Littlewoods before, you'll still get the discount, then in about a months time they'll charge your card for the full amount.
  BMW F31
i hope mine do only get charged at £7 per lot as i've ordered two lots!

i'll just get a refund if they try and f**k about!
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
Yeah I've done this. Was £7 as I didn't use QuidCo. Bah. Still, great stuff. The promo code works with first orders only, so just create a few more accounts for extra discounts.