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220 + BHP from a 172 (Cheap)

I decided to add some bits to my 172 for a cheap, guaranteed, and simple conversion..

Heres how it works... ;)

start power 170 bhp

device new power

Ecotec + 3% 175.5

FuelSaver + 3% 180.35

Filter mods + 5% 189.37

Exhaust + 5% 198.84

Chipping + 7% 212.75

PBV + 2% 217

Optimax + 1% 219.2

Magnecour leads + 1% 221.38

Splitfire plugs +1% 223.6 BHP !

Not bad for off the shelf parts eh ?..


Me sense the Captain taketh the pish !

However, it would be cool to actually compile some from of database listing the modifications people have made to their cars and the actual tested power outputs. It could cut through all the advertising BS companies use with upgrades.

On a completely separate note, would you expect an improvement in overall power if I installed an FSE power boost valve with an uprated FSE fuel injection pump or would their just be an improvement in throttle response. Of course it would all need to be properly set up to ensure the fuelling is still correctly.
  mk2 172

well with 150 bhp as a base figure then 12% its 168, which i must have at least for my blistering performance (climbs down off pedestal)

lol, no, not taking the pith.. just putting things into perpsective.

Craggy, yep, that sounds about right on a willy lump !.

however, if we look at the claims of some of the more exotic add ons - it certainly dont add up....

Seen about 15 on the rollers so far. All about 130-135 at the wheels. A couple are now coming through with better results which is nice to see. Roamers inparticular!

so Tom, you are gonna fit one of the new fangled Double Injection Logarithmic Dump Orafaces then...

and, be careful of the differences between Erotic and Perverted..

Erotic uses a feather...

Perverted uses the full chicken...

but air filter mods dont do anything and ekoteks are power losing devices?????????????????? ARNT THEY CAPTAIN??

Ben, re the ecotec, yep..;) - dosh losing devices too....

air filter mods CAN help... no question..IF the design is poor to start with and you are prepared to accept the downsides against the minimal gain.

the point is that in normal use the most you will get with sensible bolt on mods (the commonly available ones) is about 5-15% depending on how bad it was to start with.
  320d M Sport

Does anyone know what my Flywheel figure would have been then? Surely 172, but wouldnt you expect to loose more than 20BHP???


The Clio sport and the cup have a rated output of 128 kilowatts (KW) In EU speak. This is around 172.5 bhp and is known as Rated output of the engine, not counting the gearbox and its frictional losses.

I have an M3 and its Specific Output is 343 BHP at the output shaft, so on a good day and depending how well i ran it in, air temperature and density, fuel quality etc then i should get slightly less than that at the rollers, allowing for losses.

Eu law is being changed so that manufacturers must only quote the specific output, as this will work out how much tax you pay for its pollution.

See the difference? To get 172BHP at the wheels from a standard motor aint going to happen. Final Specific output depends on your final drive ratio, if it was 1:1 then you would get 172BHP at the wheels, but its not, it is probably something like 1.15:1 so your loss is what ever this works out at.
  mk2 172

everyones taking that into account mate, just seems like theres some hellish big transmission loss on some 172s b****cks, cant be arsed to delete and re-type


  Shiny red R32


Where do you get all this technical knowledge from if you dont mind me asking?

20 to 25 BHP lost in transmission is more than reasonable. ISO have a standard for what can be determined as an acceptable percentage power loss, and this would appear to be within that criteria.

I am a marine engineer by trade, worked on big ships for 8 years, have degrees in thermodynamics and material technology, now design diesel engines for ships and do all the quality control stuff, got a mate in the motor trade and i love cars, but hate working on them. Nuts and bolts are too small. Never enough power either.

Working on the most powerful diesel engine ever made at present, for a cotainership, 13 cylinder in line 2 stroke engine with 105,000 bhp at the output shaft (8000 hp per cylinder)at 98 rpm, cause they dont make gearboxes that big, the losses are too high!.

Oh, and the engine weighs 3500 tonnes, each piston, rod, crosshead and connecting rod weighs 36.5 tons and the crankshaft about 800 tons. Big meccano set!
  mk2 172

who builds engines like that? and even more intruiging(spelling) who puts up the development cost?


There are only 3 companys left now, Mitsubishi make them, MAN make them, and I work for Wartsila NSD corp, our brand name is Sulzer for slow speed engines, And Wartsila for all other engine types. We fund our own research and charge a fortune for the end product, spare parts keeps us in money, these are made by licensees, usually in Japan or Korea.