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25% off Piper Exhaust system for Clio 200

  Fast ones...

Do you own a Renault Clio 200?

Would you like to be the first to own a Piper Exhaust Cat back system?

Would you like 25% off that system?


All i need is you car! We have made a system for the Clio 197. this is almost the same as a Clio 200 but has slightly different trims. We need a car to make the trims on, in return for this we can offer you 25% off any exhaust for your car.

Please let me know if you available to bring your car down to us in sunny Folkestone, kent.

Thank you

Tom Edmunds
Exhaust Sales
Dont think there will be many 200 owners looking at doing it yet Tom. Any news on price of your 197 system either?
  Fast ones...
We aim to release prices tomorrow along with more photos.

Will keep you all updated.

Reason im offering 25% off is we already have the system, we just need to develop the trims.

Thanks all

Tom @ Piper