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2nd gear at 80mph...damage

  mk2 172

was racing a scooby tonight and put it in second when it should have been 4th, massive black cloud came out exhaust, now i have clunking when i lift off accelerator pedal, and gearstick seems to move a lot. b*****d. what could it be? and what does the black cloud mean. cossiejohn, who actually drives a scooby says he couldnt see the black cloud was that big, does this mean summat is shagged?

cheers, craggy

Changing down into a lower gear at high speed can cause some serious damage especially when the speed exceeds that gears capability. Im not exactly sure what would go but it cant have done the gearbox and engine any good at all, most probably loosened the box up a bit.

Best thing you can do other than getting it checked out, is hold off on the road races for a while!

Last thing is how the hell did you confuse 2nd for 4th????!!
  mk2 172

errrrrmmm, dont know, it all happened so fast, it wouldnt go into fourth first time so i hammered it down and ended up in fourth, made an awful noise, feel sorry for hurtin my poor car, after doin so well on sunday

I done the same in a race. As soon as it went into 2nd I heard it hit the limit so wacked it into 5th again as quick as possible. the next day i was racing again and done exactly the same thing. Think I am just a crap driver. Didnt do any imediate damage and that was a good 4 months ago.

Oh well!!


Depending how long you were in 2nd for.... can this do damage? Yes it can
It can knacker your valves due to the somewhat greater pressures on your engine, i would get it checked out if your getting a cluncking from the engine, it sounds like you have damaged something


PS, dont race scoobs
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yep, i did exactly the same thing, twice! first of all, racing a Fiat coupe 20V turbo. I went to put it into 4th at around 85-90 and it went into second! the engine screamed for mercy as the rev needle shot instantly to somewhere above 8000 rpm, but i was quick on the clutch and it wasnt there for long. The same thing happened a while back racing a Renault 19 16v up the A3, as i came past him in 3rd, almost totally in front of him i go to put it into 4th, but no, it goes into 2nd, great! another scream from the engine and prompt slotting into 4th with a loud crunch! my gear box is awful and *always* crunches when i put it into third at any speeds about 2-3000 rpm. great.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

I saw a lad do a 1st, 2nd, 1st gear shift down the strip at Santa Pod and his engine blew!!!

Also gone from 4th to 3rd (instead of 5th) by accident my self and it snapped the alternator belt and all the lights came up on the dash and I sh!t myself thinking Id fecked it!

Luckily it was ok.

Hope you aint done owt nasty...
  CTR EK9 turbo

In my opinion the gear box in the 172 (well mine anyway) is awful! if you slot the shifter from 4th to 3rd and vice versa, when it travels to third its not straight i.e. it moves slightly to the right, so when i quickly move it from third to fourth that diagonal direction sometimes moves it into 2nd.

Craggy I take it you lost against Cossiejohn?

Me and my mate raced him last week in my mates Saph Cossie, and just about had the lick on him. I neeeed a fast car! lol!

i had a mate who blew up a MG metro turbo doing that, and another lad i heard of doing the same thing in a calibra turbo,

But in theory the clutch would have slipped and saved to worst of the damage, and maybe just possible the black smoke was from the burning clutch, its a very distinct smell and would have been obvious though