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360 help (Buying points+add me)

  1996 Valver
Hi guys, just started playing 360 Live, and love it.

Just getting fed up of not having all the packs, when I go to the marketplace it just sends me round in circles trying to find how to buy points, got any links??

Also feel free to add me, mostly play ghost recon,PGR and fight night.

Patrick Battle


  1.8 Civic EX
you can buy microsoft points from or your local computer game shop....
I started playing on live with Fight Night but got annoyed with it and got a bad of bad rep for knocking a guy out with my elbow! haha not played it since....
  1996 Valver
Thanks mate, Yeah I saw them on but though tou could get them direct from Microsoft:S

Fight night is so hard, I thought I was quite good, never lost in 30so fights but as soon as I went live I was getting pummeled.

Think ghost recon is quality on LIVE.
  Citroen DS3 DSport
You can buy them from within one of the setup menus in the Marketplace, that's where I bought my points from.

Actually it may have been within the user account setup screen.


I've bought most mine online but ordered my last lot from play. It saves you a quid too. lol

  1.8 Civic EX
really? might have to have a look...didnt realise that...haven't used many of mine anyway...infact I think the only thing i've "bought" was Uno...

get on CoD2....much more pick up and play than GR I recon....have you seen the achievements for GR? one of them you have to be playing multiplayer for 8 hours straight to get it!! thats just stuuuupid!