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4 X PE's from Kwik Fit............


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  Whichever has fuel
Yeah they have 25% off if you buy four tyres deal at the minute at my local one.
  330Ci (Fail)Sport
For 205 width, that'd be a great price! I got mine for £80 each but only through a big work discount, was quoted £100 minimum elsewhere.
  Golf GTD Mk7
are they defo pe2? not pe's? and 205 16inch? if pe2 that is a good price. the only place that comes close is costco when they have a deal on.
  RS Megane 225F1
I used to always get mine from quickfit 205's, much cheaper than anywhere and drive in drive out....

Only when this 25% offer is running though ;)
I need one PE2 and another taking off my spare, and fitting also tracking & balancing doing, may pay kwik fit a visit at these prices :)


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  ph2 172 track car
great deal tbh, mine cost me £384 a couple months back and that was even with the best trade discount the tyre place offer our company!


Coming in at £401.80 for me for 205's.
The price above is for 195's.
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  BMW F21 125d
£401 for 205/45/16,

NW Performance, I must remember you soon, £95 fitted & balanced per corner is a very good price!
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I did have a discount code for that and yes they were 205's. Also doing a £40 free petrol voucher if you buy 4 Michelin tyres!!

Tyres no longer on their website!?