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4k rattle theory

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Just a thought,

A few people have been saying that there car has a vibration at 4000 rpm, now a thread has just been posted about the plastic engine cover, could this be the root of all evil.

The cover is the thin plastic one that sits on the engine top and covers the Plenum chamber, as the engine hits 4000rpm maybe this resonates ?

Why do you think ppl ?

Plastic against metal would sound like this !

This is what my brother in law said when i asked him about a rattle in the engine. i havent had time to remove it and try it out yet but if i get a chace this weekend (after repairing my fence from Sunday) i will post my results

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Cheers mate.

If it is this then maybe rubber washers between the cover and the engine may stop this ?

The cup doesnt come with the cover - so its not that. Its the heatshield near the front of the exhaust that causes the vibration at 3500-4000RPM. Just need to hammer and bend it out of the way!

Chavy, I had the same problem on my old 1997 1.4 S and it was indeed the heatshield rubbing against the exhaust, Renault fixed that first time !

Had my 4k rattle fixed a few weeks ago ...

they told me what it was, I nodded and tried to look knowledgable, but cant really remember what they said. Though something to do with the exhaust rings a bell.

I had the 4K rattle. They replaced the centre section of the exhaust and fitted a new sleave(?) just 2 weeks ago. My rattle sounded like metal on metal.

Like an angry wasp in a 4K tin can!

I had a centre section replaced (due to welds on baffles falling to bits) which caused the 4k rattle. On mine the rattle started after about 9000miles and became unbarable at 10500miles.

I have done about 19500 miles now and the rattles just starting again but got quite loud last back to renault we go again methinks....

Oh well, at least i got the 3 year warranty



I had my exhaust replaced under warrenty several months ago. 2 weeks after the replacement, the rattle started again. But this time I decided to leave it and save up for an aftermarket exhaust. Still got the standard exhaust, however, it doesnt rattle as much as it use to when at 4000rpm. Im just wondering whether the standard exhaust takes time to "bed" in as the last time I cruised at 4000rpm on the motorway, it didnt rattle at all....Ive done about 10000miles with the standard exhaust.

My window rattles when its unwound anywhere from all the way up... to fully down - so i either drive window up and down. *annoying if windy*

it vibrates even when idle.. hmmmm
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Dont know mate also might be useful to see if the runners that the glass goes up and down in are not loose in the door and rattling, but you will ned to take of the door trim to see this.

Craggy or 2 live might know bout the leccy window seal maybe ! or even pmitchell.

cheers m8!

Also... my elecy windows dont seem to work... did willy2s come with working elecy windows or did u need to buy motors? optional?

i have the switch and everything to turn them etc.. but nothing happens.

maybe fuse?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Maybe I think someone with a williams may want to answer this one mate, cause I only know the basics on the models.

I would of thought though a car like that would of had leccy windows !

Yes, quite alot of people seem to have had baffles fail in the centre section. Supposedly a revised design has stopped this.

Also I know a mates 172 had cam belt tensioners replaced as this was thought to be the cause of the resonance. Dont know if it fixed it cause right after the cat went............