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Alternator and aux belt

  Clio 172 RS phase 2
Howdy give mind

Ph2 ‘02 172 has what look like new belts and is driving very well. No documented service history until I got my hands on it.

No idea if the previous owner or the one before did this, but the alternator top bolt is missing so the alternator is sitting on the metal a/c pipe and has worn a hole in that pipe. The gap between bolt lug and bracket is about an inch.

So, no a/c which in Aus heading into summer is, um, unwise.

I’m assuming I can’t just lift the alternator to re-bolt (and replace the a/c pipe) without having to remove the aux belt and re-do the timing etc, right?

Someone’s bound to tell me to just get all the belts etc done so feel free to chuck those comments in. RS specialists are thin on the ground here to say the least and the cost in a shop to do that job would be approaching the value of the whole car.

That said, I’ll have the engine somewhat out in a few weeks to replace the gearbox. Doing that job myself so maybe that’s the time to sort out the whole thing.