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4k rattle.`

  Fiesta TDCI

Just been reading the post regarding the warranty issues that mentioned a few people that have had the 4k rattle. I have had this since the car was new it has been into the dealers 3 times, each time the rattle has come back. I couldnt be bothered to let the useless twa*s have it for another 10 days!

I t would be nice to get it sorted but to give Renault an idea of where the problem lies, the last time it went in they said the problem was the exhaust vibrating on the heat shield?

Anyway all the people that have had it fixed what have Renault done?


  Silver Fabia vRS

Replaced the centre section on the exhaust as it is the baffles that have gone...worked fine in mine. They only needed the car for a day too.

I have had 2 centre sections and a cat in 12 months....this is really s**t in my opinion but what can you do?



I had rattles from new that got worse after 16months. Same as above centre section on exhaust replaced and no more rattles.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I have a 4k exhaust going one piece too!


But then you have warranty
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg


We had a 172 at work, with a buzzing noise @4000 +/- 50 rpm. We spent nearly 20 hours trying to source the cause. To cut a very long story short, we eventually traced it to the exhaust heat shields. We found that one of the bolts in the 3rd from front heat shield, was touching the body, thus causing the noise. We spaced the bolt out with a washer and low and behold, the noise vanished. Job well done.

Cant say that your noise will be the same, but it maybe. Difficult to know when I havent heard it!

Hope that helps.


(Renault technician)
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

No Sorry M8

Kent! Long way to come for me to have a listen, init!

Ask you local dealer to remove the heat shields and then let you test it to see if the noise has gone. Worth a try. As I have said though, it might not be the same noise.


I had my center section replaced at about 3000 miles from new as I had the same problem. The rattle came back 2 weeks later. So I thought, cant be bothered with letting Renault fiddle with it again and just save up for a new aftermarket exhaust. A further 6000 later, the rattle has disappeared. So perhaps the exhaust needs "bedding" in. Ive had no problems with the car and nearly covered 13000 miles and still pulls like a hippo on a lead.
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Fair point JonC. Even with clean fuels, engine management systems etc, exhaust still CARBON up. This quite often stops the baffles from rattling once they have become coated with carbon.


Apparently there are no reported problems with Renault - my local dealer isnt willing to spend the time trying to find it - this may cost them money !!!!

So i feel a huge letter of complaint going to Renault soon - the chap said hed looked on this sight, said theyd found no notes of the problems on here !!! Yeh right - i also showed them the Evo mags - which complained about it

A new one to me also - apparently renaults never have any rattles either ..... i nearly p1ssed myself when he said this with a straight face !