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5gtt/19 clutch

anyone know if the 5gtt clutch and the 19 16v clutch are the same?

both part numbers on andys are the same......

any ideas????



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Well, if the part numbers are the same then I would say yes.

Captain and I were looking at a 172 engine out of the car last night and the clutch and flywheel look just like an R5 GTT.

Were gonna see this weekend as I have a spare one...
  BMW 320d Sport

Well I know a Williams clutch fits a 16v and vice versa, and Im pretty sure the 19 uses the same clutch as the 16v, and that the GTT one is also exactly the same.

heh well ive ordered it for tomoz and should be fitting it asap, hopefully it will go straight on.....cant wait - rev the bastrad all day to 5000, drop the clutch, and whhaaaammmmmm