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6 Speed box

Do i remember right that someone was saying theres a 6 speed gear box avaliable for the 172? If so how much are these babys? and are they from renault? How much are the normal gear boxes in comparison?

Also, clutches? Are there up rated ones for the 172? Or is the standard one good for high power? To swap a clutch over and a gear box i take it its a engine out jobbie too.

All help appreciated


Sadev 6 speed sequential box, as used in the Clio Cup race car - you wont get much change from £6k, and youll have to add fitting to that (and a big hole in the dash for the gear lever linkage!)


capt. had some 6 spee dboxes for the F4 engine off the megane or vel satis....but hes not sure if the driveshafts are ok......but email him and ask.

i think he wanted 850 each

Capt. says that they are 850 quid for a 6 speed box!!!

should be like close to 1.5+K!!!

anyway, they wont go on the std block, so you need the velsatis block (same bar the mounting points) and the block is 300 quid and will fit all 172 internals.

turbo flywheel & HUGE clutch assembly is 250

so, all together....1400 quid for the ultamite box!

Right so thats for the 172, cool.

How much is a standard box?

Is the 6 speed gonna add anything to a standard 172 engine?