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650 miles is quickly approaching !

Well as the title suggests I have now done 598 miles in my MK2 172 and 650 miles is quickly approaching, maybe by the end of the day if I have my way !

Anyway, what happens once you hit this mark ? Can I just drive it any way I want to or do I have to raise the revs gradually ? When I picked up my car from the importers they had a silver and blue 172 as company cars, they said to take it easy to 650 and then drive it how it is going to be driven to bed the engine in as it will benefit the car in the long run, is this true or is he talking doggy doo ?

Any views and opinions would be greatly appreciated !



I just read the manual and it states that it is 625 miles (1,000 km) not 650 miles so I am even closer than I thought so what should I do when I get to this mark ? The manual says to then drive the car normally but what has everyone else done ?

Some people have ragged it from the start, some people have gone to 650miles and the increased the revs 500 for each 50/100 miles after that. I did 650 miles keeping it below the 3000rpms and then after that just increased it gradually over the next 10 miles. I couldnt wait
All I can say it make sure the car is nice and warm anytime you decide to rag it (i basically stay around the 3/3.5k rpms until the car is warmed up (10 minutes driving and temp in middle).

Well so far I have been driving it to 3500 rpm and very rarely have I gone over, maybe once or twice and that was only to around 3900-4000rpm. I am up to 615 miles now and I know that I cant really wait that much longer ! I will never rag it when it is cold, I know that much but I just want to know when is the best time to be able to take it to the limit, probably not a good idea to do it as soon as it ticks over to 625 miles so I may wait till 650 miles and then gradually increase it but I bet I wont be able to wait.

Just wanted to see how other people have run in their cars to see if there was any differences.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Took mine up to 3500 for the running in period, bt occasionally spun it up higher when not under load e.g. downhill on the motorway. Pretty much ragged it after though! Mind you I did all mine in a day so didnt have to wait long

You did it in one day Mike ? Jeeeeeeeesus ! ha ha !

I got 10 miles to go ! I am going out for a spin now, see what this bad boy can do !!!!!!!! Cannot wait any longer, it says 625 in the handbook so that is what I will do !
  Silver Fabia vRS

I did 1000 miles in mine before taking it above 4000rpm...worst 1000 miles of my life

Now done 11400 and Ill be booking in for a 12000 service soon!


  Shiny red R32

I have now done a massive ... 1,700 miles since the third week in January!
  172 sport,

gave mine a little caning before the 625 mark but since then its been larged all over essex best way to treat it driving like a pensioner in a new car is bad enough but in a tuned moter like a 172 its pure abuse its designed to be caned drive it slow at your peril all itl do is carbon up and gt slower n slower n slower be fair to it use as it was designed afaik they take it well aint heard of one giving up the ghost yet even the valvers go for ever

I have just sh*t my pants ! I have just sh*t my pants !

That is all I can say !

OK, I will try and say more ! Foooooooooooking hell ! This is a different car surely ? Once over 5000rpm it just pulls and pulls ! I scared myself tho I think, it is just so much quicker that I thought it would be !

Went for a spin to get it up to 625 and went on the main strip in Swansea just to have a look and what do I pull up next to ? Yip, a Civic Type-R ! So tempted but there are cops swarming all over that part on the weekends, not worth it but saw them looking anyway !

Well, all I can say now is WOW ! I love this car !!!!!! Cannot stop smiling !

I was thinking the same thing but each to their own, at least the car will stay new for longer !

I am just so happy with the car right now, this smile is gonna stay on my face foe ages !


  Shiny red R32

Teady, I bet I am not the only person who doesnt do too many miles in my car. A while back I had done about double the number of miles that Wongy had done in his 172! I work only about one mile from where I live, so that occasionally if time allows, I go the long way round which adds another mile to my journey! The last car I had was like new when I sold it and I never did more than 4,000 miles in a year in it. It pleases the people who buy my cars, especially as I get through a lot of car polish too!!!

I have no doubt that it pleases the people who buy the car off you but what about actually pleasing yourself by driving it more ? 4,000 miles in a year is tiny, seems such a waste really GR but as I said before, each to their own.


  Shiny red R32

At the present rate of 1,700 miles since the third week in January, doesnt look like it will be 4,000 miles this year!
  Silver Fabia vRS

I hope you give your car a good run once a week becuase the short journeys are hell for a car, especially a 172. Not so bad if you have a 1.2 Clio though!


  Shiny red R32

Geoff, what is classed as a good run? My hubby takes it to work, which is about sixteen miles from where we live, maybe once a fortnight (after much instruction about where not to park it, as I couldnt stand anyone knocking the side with their door). You know what us Clio owners are like!
  Silver Fabia vRS

Well if I have been doing a lot of short journeys over the course of a week I will take my car along the Bedford bypass. About 7 miles in length, so a total of 14 miles, at a constant 70mph, to get the engine nice and hot and make sure all the water from the exhaust is gone (from constant stop/start and not getting the engine hot enough).

That 16 mile run should be enough.

Ive just booked mine in for its 12000 service for next Wednesday 31st July, and hopefully get the buzzing noise sorted for the climate control.

Geoff - you might be lucky - I had Renault have a look at mine and they said it needed a new temp sensor - they replaced it and it still buzzes


I cant believe some of you do so little miles.

I dont commute to work as i walk the the station to get on the slave wagon every morning, yet i still manage to rack up about 250 miles in an averge week.
Weekends when im surfing i can easily do 900.

In fact i ran my can in to 1000 miles at 3500rpm in one weekend and then the next week did 250 @ 4500 before canning it.

Im gonna have to learn to use my bike again and cut out these needless journies! im only insured for 8000 miles


PS Diapac, CBs also wearing his car into >1000 miles and having an oil change before the ragging


  Shiny red R32

Just put a few more miles on this afternoon. It now reads 1717, so creeping up!

Just out of intreset wat happens if you cain the car from the start without running it in till 650 miles. Ive heard some people say u need to run it in and some that say u dont, so i was wondring if u should do, why should u?


Hiya Tubs

This is MY opinion only.

the engine is designed to cope with every muppet and son of muppet in the galaxy, doing anything that they can to grenade it.

providing YOU are sensible - as I am sure you are - then there is no reason why on earth you cannot gun it.. when properly warm.. when the engine is happy ... when the brakes are bedded in !!!!!!!.. and THOSE can take LONGER than the engine to bed in.

it is fair to change the oil at very early intervals to clear out any gunge or debris that would normally accumulate over a prolonged running in period.

apart from that, go for it.. but treat it gently, and thats not a contradiction of terms.. power is fun and safe for the engine from new, providing you treat it like an athlete. dont go for a 10 mile run without a warm up.

as for oil.. any good quality oil is fine.. and I mean ANY... filter.. if you can use the OEM reno one.


I decided to run it in for 650 miles and then give it a little bit of stick. Not changed the oil yet but may do that at around 1,000-1,500 miles. I never boot it when it is cold, let it warm up for a good 10-15 mins first.

I dont think I could have made it to 1,000 miles keeping it under 3500rpm.

I got my oil changed at around 2500 miles, but this was only because my engine was checked out when I had the problem with the fuel injector in France.

I changed my oil at about 800 miles

Though that has mainly to do with the fact that i put in fully synthetic oil to top up when it is factory supplied with semi... DOH!

I was gonna change it at 1000 anyway. Im running magnatec now untill i hit 12000 when im going to switch to Fuly Synthetic as the engine will be more worn in by then and wont need such a thick oil.

Hopefully should get up to temp quicker then and help raise that damn rev limitter! It really sucks!


Lets resurrect this post.

Using the 80/20 rule I think Im going to change oil and filter around the 2,000 - 2,500 mark.

Meanwhile, mine has used a little bit over its first few hundred miles (I mean a little bit, but Id like to keep it topped up just for piece of mind). Can my learned colleagues confirm that Phase 2 172s come with a sump-full of semi-synthetic?

My plan would be to continue using semi-synthetic till 12,000, then switch to fully-synthetic. Sound reasonable?

I believe mk2s come with semi -Nick Hill recommended using a semi for the first 12k....I changed the oil with semi at around 5k.