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7.5j wheels, 215 or 225 tyres?

  Golf GT & A4 Avant
I have an older mk5 Golf gt tdi with the standard 16" wheels and 205/55/16 tyres. Getting the newer version 7.5j x 17" GT wheels for it and unsure whether to go for 215/45/17 or 225/45/17.

The 215 tyre is almost an identical match to the 16's but not sure which would be best tyre size to go for on that size rim?
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
I've found the newer gt from factory ran 225 on the 7.5j, can't see any difference chassic and suspension.

Picked up the car this evening and it looks so pony on the standard 16's. At least the mk4 on 16's looked purposeful


ClioSport Moderator
  E55 AMG
I've always just thought 225s on 7.5 once rims looked a bit poofed out that's all
Generally depends on the profile too, and tyre itself (if it has sidewall protection etc). We run 205/50 on an 8J rim and its completely square, yet we need 215 to make a 45 look square.