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A bump at Brands (vid)

Heh, poor old Nik had a bit of a fright at brands hatch last monday and bumped his head :evil:

turn your speakers up and enjoy...


sorry Nik, gotta love those shorter gas lifters on the trophy ;)


ClioSport Admin
  Clio Trophy #355
You're all b******s, the lot of ya..... :mad:

LOL, funny vid! at least I was warned it would be posted. :approve:

You kind of get used to the height of it while loading stuff in and out of the boot, but if something unexpected happens you always forget. Still, I can live with a bit of concussion now and again, its worth the pain for the spoiler. :D
well they do insist on wearing helmets at Brands Hatch....

your own fault for taking it off :rasp:


ClioSport Admin
  Clio Trophy #355
LOL, cheers for resurfacing this one Ady... Hows the headache by the way? :quiet:

Why do you think I'm selling up? All the bumps on the head have conviced me to replace the Trophy with an R27 :dead:
  Clio 182 Trophy 047/500
PMSL Nik I know exactally how you feel, I have done it so many times, I am normally really carefull but when your not thinking thats when it gets you.

You can always pin point a guy that drives a Trophy, they have constant lump on the top of there head.

Nigel If only that was the case, LOL
  A silver one
how come the boot doesn't lift up as high as a 182 then? is the v6 spoiler that much bigger that it cant lift up the whole way?
PMSL, however many times I see it I laugh the same amount!

was hard to edit the video due to me laughing so much!

Ady, trust you to resurrect this thread ;)