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Big Steve World Cup Williams 🌍


ClioSport Club Member
Checked to see if the strut bar I’d bought was the right one..? BINGO!!

Exhaust manifold off next:

Came off without too much drama, and found I had a broken bolt and perhaps the reason the downpipe was blowing, you can see the sealing ring was damaged:

Drilled out the broken bolt, and removed the damaged seal.

With the exhaust manifold removed, nothing looked too untoward with the remaining bits, just covered in rust and detritus:

Engine bay loom and ECU then removed:

Starting to look fairly clear in there now.


ClioSport Club Member
Breakdown continues, so I can get the engine out for a full going over.

O/S Wheel and driveshaft out tonight:

And it appears there IS a bigger brake kit fitted to this car as advertised!! Never seen one like this before with little anodised aluminium brackets..!!

It appears the standard Clio Williams calipers are present. I know people swap to the 172 wide track, for the Clio 172 Calipers… but how different is the 1*2 caliper carriers vs the Williams..?

Anyone know??


ClioSport Club Member
Whipped the Nearside driveshaft out this evening, and everything came out easily enough:


As I’m stripping the car down, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for further signs of rust and saw the offside headlight area looked a bit grotty:

So pulled off the offside wing and was greeted by a lot of rust, but thankfully it’s all just on the surface and passes the old screwdriver poke test! 🪛

Would still say this car is in pretty good condition considering it’s age/mileage/history. Nothings scaring me off as yet..! 🤦🏼‍♂️


ClioSport Club Member
  LY 200 EDC
Aren't they the old school 285mm R21 Taxi disc conversion bracket extenders? Used to have them on one of my 5GT Turbo's. I believe the other mod was fitting the 259mm discs and Valver calipers on the 5s?


ClioSport Club Member
Apparently the 21 TXI discs are near unobtanium now, so looking to go back to OE I think..
Swiped a full set of Ferodo DS2500 pads and front drilled/grooved discs off a chap off eBay for less than half price:

So that’s made the decision for me on what I’m going to do with the braking system. 👍

Planning to whip the engine & Gearbox out tomorrow, will report back. 🔧 ⚙️


ClioSport Club Member
Planning to whip the engine & Gearbox out tomorrow, will report back. 🔧 ⚙️
Soon pulled it out this morning:

Engine looks in fairly good order, albeit a bit greasy & dirty:



Whipped the gearbox off, and was greeted by an unknown clutch:

With plenty of meat on it, but missing a small spring:

Soon got the engine onto the stand:

Engine bay needs some serious loving though 🤢



Plenty for me to go at now… 😏


ClioSport Club Member
This website is going to be your new favourite thing ;):ROFLMAO:

Oh WOW!! Looks like I’m going to place a big fat order! Thanks @16v_paddy 🙏👌🏻

First order arrived today, and although the Taxman took his 20%, I’m still chuffed with the fact I managed to grab a set of the Bilstein B6 shocks that seem to be no longer be available on their website..?

Also picked up:
  • Full OE Replica coolant set in the correct black rubber design (no glossy Silicone here
  • New reproduction O/S splash guard
  • 10x heat shield fasteners
  • 4 x Spark Plug insulators
#serviceparts 🤫


ClioSport Club Member
Switched out the under headlight trims from the headlights supplied with the car (which didn’t have the manual adjustment function) to a new pair I managed to come by.

Always like to use new headlights on my car rebuilds, as it really brightens up the front of the car:

You can see how the new (outer) ones look LOADS brighter 🤩

Next I did a little DIY refurbishment of the starter motor heatshield:

…with a roll of adhesive backed aluminium:

It doesn’t make it brand new again, but has certainly given it a bit more rigidity and now stopped if fraying any more. 👍👍

I then whipped the oil sump off:

Thankfully I found no big lumps of metal in the bottom of the sump, so things still looking healthy… (famous last words) 🙄

Then I removed the timing covers:


To show an OE Renault Timing Belt fitted that was still in good condition 👌

It was exactly at this point I was reminded why I always take the engines out when I’m doing work like this:

Just look at the state of that lot!!! 🤮🤮🤮 It’s near impossible to fix this properly when the engine’s in the car… I want to try & make this engine oil-tight 🙏

Thanks for stopping by 👍


ClioSport Club Member
Continued pulling the timing side of the engine apart:

Belt and lower timing cover off:

Then crank drive pulley:

Still looking grease-tastic under there:

Then whipped off the crank cover:

ALL of the seals are leaking, so I’m going to get them changed.

That work started with a liberal application of degreaser and brake clean 🧼🧽:

….made things look better:

Now waiting for a HEAP of parts to turn up.. 📦

Thanks for reading 📖
  Celica GT4
Nice mate. I'm watching closely ready for when I finally get to work on mine.
Were you the one that bagged the refurbed subframe the other week?


ClioSport Club Member
Nice mate. I'm watching closely ready for when I finally get to work on mine.
Were you the one that bagged the refurbed subframe the other week?
No, not guilty. I saw it, but then laughed at the price, given it was just as rusty as mine, but had been refurbed. I’ll be doing mine and not spending £500 😉


ClioSport Club Member
Best off squirting the sealant into the grooves on the main cap when its torqued down until it comes out of the bottom and both sides.


ClioSport Club Member
Brake cleaner all surfaces and make sure the sealant gushing out in excess out of all sides. Shine a torch on the outside to check there is no gaps.