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A clio for a first time driver... Help required

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Hi guys...

I have a mate who is just learning to drive... He will be 24 by the time hes passed his test...

Can any young drivers reccommend cheap insurance companies...

Which is the best car for a new driver, he likes the look of a valver but the insurance will be crippling in his first year of driving...

He's also 6ft 2" tall and is worried about fitting in a clio...

Anyone ???
I found churchill very good when i had just started driving.

I recommend a Mk2 1.4 16v. Insurance group 5 and its not slow.
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Thats what he was thinking Fubar... Just keeping my eyes open for one atm... as he needs to do a fair bit of travelling to and from work as soon as he's passed

He might have to have a Mk 1 thou


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I had my 6'2 other half in both my New clio and the valver.. he had no problems.
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Doubt he'll have much trouble fitting into a clio, well the mk1's atleast. I'm 6ft3 and fit in, Dont have much between my legs and the steering wheel thou, and the seat is all the way back on the runners
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Anyway... as for insurance companies... Direct Line has always been the best insurers for me... my brother.. my sister too (we all use/d them when we were new drivers).
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I think he may have called them om's or maybe did an online thing and got asked to call them... and got a bit scared off


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Just because it says you have to ring them, doesnt ALWAYS mean there going to decline you.. Lee M got his best quote from a company who told him to 'ring in' and hes now insured with them :)
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Elephant. As hes a bit older surly his insurance should be much less than at 17.
Im 6,4 with long legs and fit in the mk1 fine enough. Sure my head would scrape the roof if I sat bolt upright, but you never do when driving. Believe it or not pushing the seat forwards a bit can often be the answer as it lets your legs get under the steering wheel rather than wedged against it. Though this means your legs are closer to the plastics, I wouldnt like to see my legs after a crash but hey. I have sat in loads of cars as goodwood and the only ones I had REAL trouble with was the MR2, Celica and VX220. Mercs were the best, I could put the seat so far back even I couldnt touch the pedals.
Sure they could be more confortable cars, but not at this price, they will all be the same.

He wants a valver? Are you sure thats a good idea for a first time driver. Though insurance for these is indeed low. Mk1 ph3 1.8rsi? Ford feista 1.25 zetec would be a better idea in my mind, low insurance but still plenty of zing from the engine. Much safer and probably much less flakey reliability than the clio too.
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Also depending on how much he can stretch to, all the Alfa 156s are quick and low insurance, the 1.6 is smallest and still does 0-60 in 10 you can pick them up £2.5k upwards.
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I got a quote from Elephant for 600 quid on a DCi (80bhp) clio. that was with 0NCBs. it was at a time i was thinking of running 2 cars. Im 22 btw. Also trying adding an older women to his insurance as this may bring it down a bit! Did with me by 300 quid!
_simon_ said:
If he can't afford valver insurance then how about a mk1 1.8 8v RSi?

Doubt there'd be much difference - it's only 1 group lower!

Elephant/Admiral were cheap for me when I got my Williams.. I'd try them!
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im 6 '4, no problems, altohugh i am used to being squisehd. no its roomy, i got mk1 1.4. believe it or not, i cant have it right back, cant feel the peddles properly :)
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BELL.CO.UK are by far the cheapest for me. Im 18, not even been driving for a year so 0 NCB and there looking for £1100 for me on my own on a Valver!
Insurance is a tricky game....

Loads will say that a particular company is best... in reality, you have to find out yourself. hard I Know!

its because everyone circumstances are different. Jobs, postcodes, whether you are married or not, children, car on street, drive, garage, security etc etc!! hell! some even ask if you smoke!

so best thing you can do is pick the phone up/get online and get 100's of quotes. I know its a pain but probably the best way!

insurance is a figure that they pull out of midair then double it! Im sure they make it up sometimes!

for example, It was cheaper for me to add my wife on the car as a PROVISIONAL driver than to have ME ALONE! apparently ill drive more "responsibly" it dropped by £30!!