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A few questions about warranty/servicing...

i bought an import mk II 172 back in may and would really appreciate a couple of answers from anyone willing to help.

1. whilst reading the literature that came with the car i noticed there is mention of a free mini-service at 6000 miles / 6 months for clios. does this apply to the 172? i know that the service interval is 12000 as opposed to 18000 for the standard clios, so i didnt know if this first service would apply to me.

2. i was told i had a 2 year warranty when i bought the car, commencing from the dealer stamp date. i have read on other posts of people sending documents off to renault to validate the warranty, but i have never done this. do i need to?

thanx in advance to anyone who can help.

i can only help u with number 1, the 6000 mile is a safety check and yes ur entitled to it !!
as for warranty im with u i didnt think u had to send anything off either and i work for renault!
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Read Dealer Stamp ! Heeeeeeeeelp ! thread to get the 2 part of the answer. You WILL need to send docs back to renault to qualify you for the full 3 years warranty.