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a potentially stupid question bout oil change

Ol’ Tarby!

ClioSport Moderator
  Clio 220 Trophy
Just about to change the oil on my 172 and wondered should I flush the engine inbetween oils? Also think I got a noisy lifter so is it worth putting some of that sticky lifter treatment stuff in?

Cheers peeps
  Pug 205 gti
you can flush it if you want buddy, theres no point in doin it on every oil change. top end treatment would be ok, i always put it in an do a few miles. then change the oil
  It's A Reno
IMO, flush is the creation of the devil.
It is potentially very damaging stuff. Good quality oil changed at the correct times dependant on use and abuse is all you should really need.


ClioSport Club Member
  986'S 172ph1+182FF
i wouldnt risk it tbh, fuked my mates d-turbo up a treat, 2 valves got stuck open and i had to take the head off 2 sort it.
  172 mk2 Iceberg
just take it out for a good blast before you change the oil and get plenty oil temperature in it, will drain better after that.

yea get all set up at home then get the oil realy hot and drop it...

just be care full you dont BURN yourself while its hot and thinner it will flush out more bits of crap........ dont know if anything will sort out your lifter though apart from replacement
  ibiza cupra
i flushed mine last time i changed the oil but nothing came out so was probly a waste of time. only real way to clean it safely would be to take it apart i assume. but iff you give you car the beans on a regular basis then you should be ok.
but if you do decide to flush it then use forte` engine flush. its what the pro`s use