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about the way ur Subs face

ive got one sub at one side of my boot and another sub at the other Side there both facing each other and just over half a meter apart wil this arrangment effect the bass and make it worse?
  BMW 120i Sport

I dont see why they would, as long as theyre not out of phase, there shouldnt be a problem?

thats fine then,

Dunno if u could answer me another question?

If i want to put an extrenal sound input into a headunit so like from a PC what connector do i need on the headunit is it AUX IN? and should it look like two connects like for an amp output or will it b like a block then u ave to buy the adapter to split it

E.g on the pioneer headunits Aux in on DEH mp5700 is a square plug or at least on the intructions the diagram its how it shows it. and u need to buy the adapter which changes it into two leads for aux in
  Skoda Fabia vRS

what headunit do you have

and Dink im pretty sure the 9815 as Aux In, my 9812RR has the option for it