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ABS + Serv

As above, only two lights on at the moment, just appeared after I stopped for petrol.

So tell me what possible problems it could be and how much it's going to cost me, cars a 54 plate 1.6.

  ph2 172
hmm now u say that you did nt have non gen discs and pads fitted did you? if you did some of the dics come with out pick up rings
  S4 Avant
My ABS light came on because of a knackered ABS sensor, just get it plugged in on a diagnostic machine, quicker and easier than faffing about with "um it might be this or that"


South Central- West Berks
ClioSport Area Rep
This happened to me the other day but I stopped for petrol and after that the lights haven't come on again. Do you think it's worth getting it checked out?
  S4 Avant
Old boy reckons it could be low on brake fluid and that's bringing the lights on, is it possible?

Low brake fluid causes the handbrake light to flash on around left hand corners, wouldn't have thought it'd affect the ABS sensors.
Just worked it out, the CV boot has split and has covered the ABS ring in grease and the top of the boot.
Cheap enough fix anyway.