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Acceleration loss !

  clio 172 sport
when i push my 172 into 4-5 thousand revs it kind of just stops accelerating, but yet the revs are still goin up. it has lost a considerable amount of power

but sometimes it is fine and sometimes it isnt, normally wen the car is still cold in the morning it accelerates fine, but once it has heated up to the standard temperature the car just loses all its power, and i feel like i have a 0.8 dawoo matiz.

the fault codes came up P0001 - P0006 and after researching found out it was something to do with fuel volume regulator control circuit ? and fuel valve cutoff

now to me this means nuffin but after seachin the web some sites pointed at the fuel pump or fuel lines ???

could anyone shine any light on this ?? or has anyone experience the same problem ?

  Clio 182
did you get this problem sorted?? i have a simmalor problem . (juddery)

Any other suggestions would be great as i have this problem and it is very scary when your car randomly dies on the M1 engine bay or centre of town. The green 30 amp fuse blows in the engine bay and coil light comes on , on the dash. Thanks for any help.