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Active sub = dead...

  Mk2 Golf GTI

Ive got a Vibe 12" Active sub, about a year old but its died on me.

The power light still comes on on the amp but the sub just constantly rumbles/vibrates at a really low volume and no bass can be heard at all.

I swapped with my mates sub to check if there was a problem with the head unit but that woked fine and my sub had exactly the same problem in his car.

Any ideas? I havent had chance to try another 12" sub in my enclosure yet but ill try to get round to it.
  Mk2 Golf GTI

Havent run it hard for ages, its almost always on half power on the amp and about 1 quarter on the sub control on my HU.

You reckon its the sub or the amp thats blown? Sub is easy enough to swap so i hope its that.

Thing is, before it actually died it used to make an odd rumbling sound everytime i switched it on but then after a couple of minutes it would be fine.
  Polo + Micra

if it was the amp id guess the would be no sound at all but im not going to say 100%.

the gain on the amp is not a power control you could have it on minimum and still get full power out of the amp