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Adrian Flux....

  Nissan 350z
Normally im against naming and shaming but wtf happened to them!?

Its renewal time so ive been shopping around as you do waiting for my renewal to come in. It arrived this morning and look how it compares to the others!

Sky Insurance = £856.
DirectLine = £770.
Greenlight = £652.
Adrian Flux renewal ... £1379.14 !!!

Baring in mind i have had no accidents, no points, nothings changed other than me notching up another years no claim so what gives!?

I phone them up to ask what they are playing at only to be accused of lieing basically even after forwarding them the email quotes as proof. They now want screenshots of my previous internet quotes to the other companies to prove i gave them correct details. I could understand if one company was massively cheaper than the other but whatever its not worth the hassle.

Needless to say i wont be renewing with Adrian Flux! :mad:
  Honda & VW
Left Adrian Flux last month due to them being all over the place with renewal prices and also found them to be fudging expensive in the long run when changing vehicle midway through term.

AF certainly nolonger have my vote thats for sure.

Think they used to be pretty good but now it just seems they're trying to make as much money as possible by stiching us up on our premium
  clio 172
They were by far the cheapest for me so not sure whats going on. But to be fair insurance is all a bunch of s**t!!!
you actually managed to get a greenlight quote, you mst be one of the 3 people!! lucky you.

think im gonna go with brentacre come jan
  Nissan 350z
Go back to Adrian Flux and get them to beat the quote, play them off against each other.

I tried. But like i said they basically called me a lier and want me to go back to Greenlight, DirectLine etc and take screenshots of me entering the details to prove its genuine! Which i could understand but the email quotes i forward to them are all similiar in value.

Im just shocked by the price they want me to pay compared to other insurers. I thought they claim to be brokers offering the cheapest cover and it just feels like im being pidgeon hold into a particular insurer for a bonus for them, rather than whats best for me.
  Nissan 350z
you actually managed to get a greenlight quote, you mst be one of the 3 people!! lucky you.

think im gonna go with brentacre come jan

Just got off the phone with them (Brentacre). £739.95

Really dont know what Adrian Flux were playing at with their quote. Oh well their loss.
  Chav Rocket
brentacre all the way i say :)

im 24, 2 accidents (whoops) 3 points and no no claims (first car in my name) on a clio mk1 16v with a declared engine swap (2.0) all mods declared and the premium is 900 quid!