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ADVICE: Front & Rear Speaker Replacements

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Hi guys,

I'm sure its more than likely been covered over and over again before! but....

I'm looking to upgrade my speakers in my 182, front and rear. I've got quite an oldish amp...Blaupunkt GTA270 I believe possibly Dual-Channel? Is this sufficient to run both front and rear speakers through?

Also, in replacing both sets of speakers, am I looking to get 2x Components? Or are the rears coaxials? As at the moment I'm liking the look of Rainbows...

I would say go for a decent set of components up front, coax in the rear.
just had a quick look on Goggle, the amp seems ok, 2*70w rms and a peak of 200, a nice upgrade over a HU, people do go higher, im using a 4 channel 600w peak to just my door speakers, bridged ofcourse!.

both are 5.25, a lot of people will dynamat the door and move on up to 6.5 by cutting the hole bigger and using around 50mm of baffle to clear the depth.
goto, its a great audio forum.