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advice needed

  Focus ST3 + proper Mini

Ive been looking at a 172 (Y reg 01) is this a MK1
> or Mk11??
> What should I be looking for before parting with my
> hard earned cash?
> The cars done 23k.FRSH.No mods
> Also whos the best insurance company for such a
> car. Im 24. no
> points, and full NCB. Ive been quoted £650 fully
> comp by direct
> line. (not protected).Is this good??
> Also the renault garage say it has an alarm fitted
> as standard, is
> this so as I couldnt see any signs of one under the
> bonnet???
> Cheers
> Craig

Sounds like a MK1. Easiest way to check if you dont know your clioss would be to look at some of the pictures in the cliosport gallery, its not hard to spot the difference !

Insurance sounds good, my insurance is due and my best also wilth DL is £690 protected, 27yo full NCB etc.

If its a uk MK1 it will have an alarm. Easiest way to spot is sensors in top front corners of cabin and led below gearstick.

Dont know what u r paying 4 this car, but have u checked out Auto Trader 2 compare, seen a few mark 1s 4 sale when I was lookin 4 mine, you can get way lower milege than that 2, I found an 02 reg 4 just a few hundred quid more than a Y mk one....just a thought!!
  Focus ST3 + proper Mini

Thanks for the replies.

The best way to describe the car is the indicators are to the side of the headlights, am i righte in thinking the MK11 has indicators above the headlights??

Ive looked through auto trader, theres only a V6 beast in my area and thats definately out of my budget.

The car Im looking at is at a main renault dealer for £9K..

Cheers for your help

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If youre looking at spending that kind of money, investigate the new ones, including the imports. You might not be spending that much more in the long run when finance charges and warranty are taken into account. Of course the depreciation on a new motor is steeper...
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what part of the country are u in mate - cos Im paying 600 quid to direct line, full no claims with protection - and I am 34!!

I am sure Im getting stuffed!!
  Focus ST3 + proper Mini

Im live in Rural Norfolk, small village outside Norwich.

D.line quoted fully comp protected with £150xcess £748.65

fully comp not protected with £150 xcess £641.55

Im 24, no claims, no convictions. Full ncb.

Ive put the deposit down on the car now. their fitting a thatcham 1 alarm for me in the price and done the next service.

Visceral i got a quote from egale star for a cup (you know just dreaming of a faster car)they quoted £1200 full NCB and no points on my licence im 29 live in Bolton put me off when i saw that figure couldnt part with that sort of cash just for insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I take it that means the car is an import? All pukka UK cars get a Thatcham Cat.1 alarm fitted when they hit these shores. If theyre trying to sell you it as a UK model then you could try and screw them down a bit more on the price???

Just a thought

Cheers (and good choice by the way!!! :D)
  Focus ST3 + proper Mini


thanks for that info. wot else should i be warry of if its an import??


Will look into it tomorrow


Found a mk11 on 02 plate for £10,495 in black(not reno dealer).

Looks totally std but not stopped to have a look so dont know mileage.

Local Reno dealer in glos, got a mk1 in flame red?,for £10,995.

Looks mint condition, but again dont know miles.

If Im right, the imports also didnt come with a spare alloy wheel (they come with a steelie instead) - a spare Renault alloy costs £140, so you could use that to bargain with too!. I think those are the two main differences between the UK and Import models, both of which are easy enough to fix if youre bothered...

Other things you might like to check for (just for the sake of it) are: Lightweight bonnet on early 172 Mk1s (its about 7kgs lighter than the normal one) and a working optimum gear shift light - just rev to around 6800/7000 rpm in any gear (only legal in the first 2 gears!!!) and a little green light should appear in the top left of the binnacle. Some ECUs didnt have the gearshift light enabled so dont worry too much if its not working, but its a novelty if its there! :)

  Focus ST3 + proper Mini


know Im getting confussed. I personally couldnt see an alarm, but it has a ally spare, never been used.

I take it insurance should be the same, if its only come over the pond from france???

Im still having it wot ever and cant wait till thursday next week when I take delivery of it..:D:cool:


Congrats, good choice of car, to compare, theres an x reg at a Ren dealer down here with 30,000 on the clock for £9,999 its got loads of stone chips and a nasty scratch on the door. Ive seen 2 ys also, for £11,500 each at dealers recently, they seem way over priced to me, but thats dealers for ya!!! Enjoy the car, can always tell a new 172 owner, theyre the ones walking around with big grins :D!!!!!!

The alarm (in all the recent clios) came fitted underneath the black plastic scuttle trim underneath the front windscreen on the passengers side (I know this because mine fugged up!) so you shouldnt be able to see it. The only clues are (as mentioned above) 1) Flashing LED down below the gear stick when the alarm is armed (looks tacky!) and 2) Two ultrasonic sensors mounted on the windscreen uprights on the grey plastic trim.

If it has the alloy spare, then its probably a UK car and the dealers were just telling you that theyd fit a cat1 alarm in the price when it already had one!!! Cheeky Gits! The only way to know for sure whether its a UK model or not is to look at the stamps in the Service book and the purchasers receipt...

Some insurance companies are funny about imports, some arent... But best let them know if it turns out to be an import just to be on the safe side. As I said, I think theres barely any difference between the UK and Import models, so I couldnt really see them having any issues...

If its not an import then youve got it at a really good price (especially as its from a Dealership)... Hope you enjoy the car mate, after 2 years I still grin like a loon whenever I thrash mine around! :D