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Advice on K-TEC products

Went to their site and they have some cool stuff. Has anyone got any experience to share about their products?
I wouldnt mind getting the 172 KTR/GAZ COILOVER SUSPENSION KIT and some strut braces, but would hate to get it all shipped over to South Africa if they arent that good.
BTW, do strut braces really make a difference?

Cant give you any on the suspension, the strut brace is probably the nicest looking but very pricy... They should make a little difference but BenR said you would have to be going some to notice it. They are a good company though I will be buying the lowering springs from them for mine.

I just ordered a Clio 1 silenced de-cat from them today, cant wait for it to arrive. It wasnt cheap, but then neither was a new cat!

  Skoda Fabia vRS

got my exhaust system from them, speedy friendly service and a well made product
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Ditto BRUN.

Even to the point of replacing my exhaust for free because I think (oops the wife thinks) its too loud.

Top company and can thoroughly recommend them

when you deal with tehm, yopu will find them extremely understanding and polites and helpful.

they products are also about teh best you can get for the GTT and 172....

Yup, I agree with you BenR, they really know what theyre on about down @ K-Tec and theyre damn friendly too, their products are A1 (Youve just gotta look at the build quality on the exhausts to see this), and they want their customers to be satisfied with their experience of K-tec (From pre-sales right through to their after sales service)

In a word Excellent! :D

Thanks for all the feedback. I will contact them and find out what it will cost to ship to SA. Do members get a discount?