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Advice on timing belt change

  Clio 182 Cup 2.0
I've got a 182 cup with 69k miles on it now (2005) and I'm wanting to replace the timing belt before it goes ping! I'm aware of the tooling required for the job and how everything is locked off, but I'm unsure of the engine components that is worth renewing whilst I'm carrying out this job and where is the best place to source the proper genuine parts? Thanks


  Z4, VW172, R26
Wolverhampton Renault in the dealer section. .
Might be worth doing the dephaser and I imagine aux belt will need doing also..
  182 Cup, DC2, E500
As suggested by Chi, it could be worth changing the dephaser although its probably noisy if it needs doing.

Worth doing the aux belt kit aswell, and as the inlet will be off I would personally put a nice new set of plugs in and clean out the throttle body with it removed.

Worth thinking about re-sealing the cam carrier/cover as it would need the pulleys off anyhow, and they can leak!
  Clio 182 Cup 2.0
Where is the best place to get the timing belt kit, dephaser pulley and auxiliary belt kit for the 182?
Where is the best place to get the timing belt kit, dephaser pulley and auxiliary belt kit for the 182?

wolverhampton renault as chi said, check the dealers section and message them. you will need a timing belt kit, aux belt kit & waterpump. it's good economy to change the waterpump as it's lifetime is usually 80k miles so you'd be paying another 300-400 odd pounds in 20k miles to do the waterpump again as it will involve re-doing the timing, so it's worthwhile to spend the extra few quid in parts to do it now. :)

edit - you will also need a dephaser, renaults vvt actuator. again, same idea as the waterpump ... you don't want to be caught out by the dephaser in 20k miles or less!
  Megane 225 f1
Water pump is run off the alternator belt so dosent require cambelt removal. However as said may as well do it as its stripped down. The pumps were on back order from renault (adam will confirm if you speak to him) i got a pump from my local motor factors