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Advice selling Cup

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
I am thinking about selling my 172 cup sport but don't know how much to ask. It's registered December 03 on a 53 plate and only has 15000 miles on the clock. The bodywork is pristine and a brand new exhaust has just been fitted. Any advice on prices would be appreciated prior to making any decision. Thinking about buying the new sport.
Theres a full fat up for £6.8k (16k)on the trader but low milage like that is quite rare there no CuUps at that milage.

I'd say £6.7k stick it up for and take about £6.5k unfortunatly I'd guess CUp prices will go down again soon with winter.
  172 cup
i paid 7k for mine and it had 17000 but the seller was lucky to get that, (about 2 months ago) same age in need of tyres