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Air Bag Battery Query

  Clio 1.4 RT 1993
Following a wheel alignment on my M reg Clio, I want to centralise the steering wheel. The airbag fitted is a "self contained" type with a battery assembly and I want to be able to do this without using a dummy ignition module ELE 1288 because it seems hardly worth it for this once only job. I assume this should not take more than 10 minutes at the most but my query is :- How much life does the battery have. Should I be able to complete the task in this time and before the battery runs out. Any advice would be very welcome
  clio dci , ren8
If you are thinking you can take the steering wheel off turn it & put it back on you would be wrong as the wheel has a master spline & only goes on in one place .You adjust the wheel to the straight ahead position when setting the tracking on the rack arms .
  Clio 1.4 RT 1993
Many thanks both of you. You have confirmed exactly what I thought when I had my tracking done ie. they should have centralised the steering wheel before doing the tracking. This was carried out by one of the National garages offering a 50% alignment discount, and although this should not have made any difference, I have probably got what I paid for. And yes, I was hoping to re align the steering wheel as you suggested but won't bother now. Unfortunately, I have left it too late to take it back to the garage and will get the tracking re-done when I can afford it.