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Changing Gearbox & Clutch - Advice / Anything I am missing?

  2000 clio sport 172
Morning Guys,

I am getting prepared to change my gearbox and clutch over the xmas period on my Phase 1 Clio Sport 172 (still trying to get hold of a JC5-029 gearbox if anyone can supply one?? but clutch is on its way).

I have never undertaken a job as big as this on a car before but I am doing it myself not just to save money (although that is part of the reason) but also to learn how to do it myself. I want to modify the car for track use and doing everything myself is a great way to learn the car inside out.

Point of this thread

I would like input from as many people as possible on the following queries as this would be extremely helpful for my friend and I who are taking this task on as amateurs over the xmas period when we have a bit more time on our hands.

· Do we need to replace anything else other than the gearbox and clutch assembly assuming I acquire a complete gearbox and clutch assembly? By this I mean, any gaskets, bolts, mounts e.t.c that need to be replaced or should it be a straight swap (bearing in mind I am putting in a 029 not a 089 gearbox with a Valeo clutch).

· Partly related to the first query; I see there are other threads on this so please ignore if unsuitable but are there any other non gearbox / clutch parts that should be replaced which might cause problems in the future? Would you advise changing anything else assuming nothing has been replaced for quite some time?

· Any specific tooling required for this job? We have the usual Sockets, Spanners e.t.c for amateur use – Am I going to get half way through and realise I need XYZ to take the sub frame off for example?

· Could someone advise the best Gearbox Oil to use given that these gearboxes don’t last very long?

· Any constructive advice anyone can provide for such a job?

· Long shot – We have access to a small garage – Are there any ingenious ways to lift the car a decent height off the ground to allow great access? We only have x 2 trolley jacks and axle stands but getting it higher from the ground would be awesome. (obviously safety is a priority).

Any help / advice would be much appreciated – I am new to this website and so far very intrigued about such a community.


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All I can say is that the qualiy of oil wont have much of a difference on the lifespan of the gearbox.
Rev matching and not shifting like you're a Type-R-ist is the way to reduce box-changes.
  2000 clio sport 172
Thanks for the input Goodj - I always usually Rev Match no matter what car I am in as second nature and I try not to be harsh when I'm changing gear in cars I want to look after unless it is my 1.4 Clio road car which I actually don't care about :) - You need to rev the nuts off that thing just to go anywhere!


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  Clio 16v/172 daily
I'm having to do the sane as you after Xmas, box and clutch so any tips will be handy, I'm assuming it wont be a million miles different from changing a box on a valver?
  172 cup, Impreza P1
If your doing it diy with jacks and axle stands I would say your best bet is to remove the engine and box from the top. You can get it out from the top on its own but would take a good amount of practice so not for this attempt.
  172 Turbo
I got mine to getting the subframe down, and got stuck as the captive nuts spin. If this happens to you, pull out the arch liners and you can access them all.
I did mine recently after a brake down, cause of breakdown was actually a stripped drive shaft but a as it was planned to replace the gearbox (was already a refurbished on on stand by) I had a go myself.

Tools wise I'd say definitely a good socket set, definitely good socket adaptor sets i.e. if your using a breaker bar which you will need if you dont have a gun to get the hub nuts off... then get a decent 1/2 to 3/8 reducer for the sockets, I snapped a few cheap ones I had lying about and ended up buying a impact sealy set.

Ratchet spanners definitely... 10mm and 13mm I think where used the most.

I covered the brief of it in my project thread.
  2000 clio sport 172
Thanks for all the input guys.

Kind of looking forward to doing this job even though I'll probably hate it half way through ;-) Should be picking gearbox up this weekend and clutch is on route for delivery.

I don't think I will take engine out as this seems quite a bit of work so will go ahead with taking sub frame etc off. Good input on tooling required - I will make sure I have everything available on the day (some of that I don't have). I have given myself 4 days to get the box out and new one in so this should be plenty time taking into account any problems we face. I am definitely looking at getting an airgun for hub nuts and any other tough ones!

I will update in due course if anyone is interested.

Cheers for now.


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  Clio 16v/172 daily
i purchased a sealey cordless impact gun, one of the best tools i have bought :)

if you dont have a compressor that is
  330i. E30 Touring.
100% buy a cheap impact gun. Will save you hours on a first timer.

Another tool that i couldn't be without - 16mm ratchet spanner for the upper gearbox mount to box bolt. Saves you ten mins of f**king about.

Cheeky tip also, instead of splitting the linkage and box, just undo the selector rod from the box completely, then fit to new box. Saves any cocking about lining it up afterwards.

Get your Valeo clutch kit from @Russ_16v Best price, and it'll be 100% spot on.
By the way, when you eventually are finally looking to drop the subframe, there is a round hose clip that holds the lower coolant hose to the subframe. Its easy to miss, lower the front slightly with a jack each side then at the front of the car you will be able to use a 10/13mm ratchet to remove the clip. Otherwise you will just pull the hose down.
  Cio 172 Cup,Porsche
Not done this job on a Clio, but have on other cars.I always replace the pilot bearing(remove using plasticine and piece of dowel) and rear crankshaft oil seal whilst in there.
  330i. E30 Touring.
does anyone know where is installed the gearbox mount ?

There are three mounts that bolt to the gearbox. The dogbone mount is underneath, from gearbox to subframe.

There's a lower gearbox mount at the front also, to the subframe.

Then upper gearbox mount- which is under the battery.
  Mazda RX8
I've just done this. Literally in my garage now fiddling with gear stick before wheels go back on. I had 5 snapped rusted bolts I had to drill out and three of four of the subframe mounting nuts that are meant to be held in position snapped their brackts so that was another pain but with an offset ring spanner u can get inside the chassis to hold the nuts.

I stumbled upon this looking for an answer to gearbox oil. I just stuck in 80/90 as that's what I uad. Was just wondering if this is OK long term or if I should replace with 75/80? It's my girlfriend's car, doesn't get too much abuse (except when I drive it) and she's probs not gunna be keeping it more tham a year from now.