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Does anyone know of any abandoned airfields or somewhere similar, around north wales/north west area.

My brother got told there is one by or around shrewsbury I think, does anyone know for sure?

My brothers have got a 150BHP Saxo VTS & a 135BHP(ish) R5 GTT, and I need to prove to them that my Valver is quicker! ;)
  Williams 2, STi N12

North Wales is one entire airfield!! The roads are always empty and a supurb drive to boot. Most of the car tests are done there.

The roads are round here are pretty good, but they arent wide enough to pit three cars against each other.

Plus my other brother has a 116BHP AX GT, and my sister-in-law has just got a Mini Cooper S, so we really want to put all five of them up against each other!

Can you just go onto Disused Airfields or does someone actually own the land? am I being thick? :oops: