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Alarm Beeping

Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
Getting the following on my Ph1:

Alarm beeps once after unlocking car

Alarm beeps twice after locking the car

Does the above every time. More annoying than anything.

Also noticed today after unlocking the car and only opening the boot, I heard the car lock itself after 30 seconds or so (as if the car hadn’t been opened when unlocked), and then the alarm went off which presumably was the sensors picking up that I was putting stuff in the boot still...

Any ideas?

Ol’ Tarby!

ClioSport Moderator
  Clio 220 Trophy
Beeping twice when locking means a door/boot/bonnet is open iirc?

I'm guessing the boot sensor isn't working. Think it's built into the latch


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
Yeah boot sensor I'd say too.

Check the wiring inside the solenoid, one of mine had broken off the solder, I'm guessing from being repeatedly slammed over the years.
  Clio 182
Mine did the beeping when locking/unlocking thing. I spent ages looking and found the answer on an Evo forum.

If you disconnect the battery and then reconnect it, straight away press the lock/unlock button on the fob and it should turn off the beeping (or back on should you wish!).


ClioSport Club Member
Beeping definitely means there is, or the car thinks there is a door/boot/bonnet still open.

Not sure about the specifics of a Ph1 but check the bonnet alarm sensor, door sensors and boot sensor. I’d be looking for things like, you open the door and the interior light doesn’t come on. A sure sign of a dodgy sensor etc.

Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
Still looking for a solution to this. Whilst it is only a beeping noise, it drives me around the f***ing bend!

So, I changed the boot catch as was suggested, as it turns out the sensor was faulty anyway. Whenever I opened the boot it made no difference to the boot delay light (was always off). Soon as plugged in the new sensor on new latch, light instantly came on so was worth replacing anyway.

But that has made no difference to it.

I also changed the battery today (just as I wanted a new one on the car) and tried the trick of pressing lock/unlock button immediately as also suggested above, but to no avail.

Just to confirm, I get:

Two beeps after locking the car
One beep after unlocking the car

Have established this isn't the alarm telling me something is open, as that is one single long beep of a different tone.

And I have read there is a procedure/sequence you can go through with the ignition in a certain position to turn sensors on/off for valet mode etc, but if this is activated then you know because there is three beeps when you lock the car, not 2 like I am getting.

Also noticed today that if I have a door open, and then lock or unlock the car, I don't get any beeping noises at all, just the sound of the central locking. But as soon as all doors closed, I get the beeping.

Any other ideas anyone?! Literally driving me up the wall.

Wondering if either the alarm itself is shagged? Or could it be the UCH (I experienced some other electrical gremlins recently which are intermittent which pointed towards UCH)?



ClioSport Club Member
Sounds like a trip to an auto electrician that knows his stuff would be time well spent. Doing anything else would just be guess work.