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Alien Green 200 Cup - Nr East Grinstead

  AG 200
That was probably me! As far as I'm aware I'm the only AG around this area that starts with GU59 ***. Just spotted this thread at the bottom of the page in the 'related' section, hence the late reply! Your in uckfield arnt you?
  Meg 250/E36 Touring
Cool - thought it might be you!

Yes mate. Sold the White 'CL10' 200, so watch this space. Either in a GW 200 with Cup spoiler or a Grey Meg Coupe @ the mo if you see either waving lol
  Meg 250/E36 Touring
Heading to Goodwood (very early) Sunday morning if you're up for it. Meeting some friends in East Grinstead for 6am departure (as Have to work at 10:30) pretty hardcore for a Sunday, so appreciate might not suit!

If not local meet sounds good. Maybe a beachy head drive or something.
  AG 200
Yep local meet sounds good. I can't do saturday or sunday mornings but I can do afternoons on those days. Love diving. Round Beachy head sooo much fun to be had there!