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Alloy offset on 16v.

Hello, new to clios so I have a a simple question for most of u.

I have a set of aftermarket alloys which Im not sure if theyll fit my gfriends N reg 16v. Size & PCD are ok...15" and 4*100, but unsure on offset. Wheels are 36mm. This site says they are 42mm standard, but another states 35-38mm (probably normal clios).

So will 36mm offset alloys fit on a 16v??

Thanx for your help in advance.
  BMW 320d Sport

The old Clios (>98) all ran a 36mm offset. The newer shape ones have a higher offset of 40 something. A valver is definitely ET36, PCD 4x100

Nice one. Thank u very much. My gfriend is now very happy...bought those wheels nearly a yr ago for her nova & was told they would fit, but didnt. Now she can put them on her clio. :D

One more thing tho...195/50/15 or 195/45/15 tyres??? :oops:

Thanx again.

195/50/15 as you dont need the extra clearance and they are a lot cheaper!

Goodyear Eagle F1s £41 all in.


On my valver I have a set of 16 Mille Miglia, I got off a guy who bought them for his Reno 19 1.8RT. Question is will the offset be ok, since they were bought for a 19 but are now on my valver, i.e do they share the same offset

Alex M

Super. Thanx mat.

Dont think I can get F1s that cheap. gonna go 4 Toyos. Got them on my RS & are good all rounders.

Thanx again to u all.:D