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alpine cva 1003 motorized headunit


has anybody got this motorized monitor in their car, i have nicked one of my friend and the screen doesnt seem to come out, even when i press the open/close button.

do i need to plug in a dvd player for the screen to come out or is it knackered?
  Clio 172 Cup

Im not sure but i heard somewhere that screenheadunits have to be wired up to a handbrake sensor or something for them to come on whilst stationary so then it stops u viewing whilst driving.

Not sure how true it is though.
  106 GTi

I had thet same unit in my old car, will come out regardless off a dvd player plugged in.

Mine didnt like to open if it had not been used for a long time, I had to gently pull it while pressing the open button to unsieze it once or twice. It will slide out then flip up.
  106 GTi

There is wire that should attach to the handbrake to prevent it being used in motion but this is easily by passed by attaching it it to ground if I remember.