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Alpine Speaker / Sony HU Question

  1.2 16v Dynamique
Hi guys, sorry I know this type of question must have been posted many times before, but I have not found a definitive answer. I have a sony HU ( , which outputs 4 x 45W. I only have the stocks speakers at the mo, and want to upgrade them. I've been looking at these alpines ( which are 250 W peak, and 60 RMS. Will my HU be enough to get 'good' sound out of these without an amp, or do those numbers even matter at all?

The Sony headunit will be outputting 4 x 45W Max (peak) so only 13~19W RMS
So obviously those speakers will be underpowered. However pretty much any aftermarket speaker will be underpowered running from a headunit.

However they'll still work fine, and sound better than the originals no problem, but obviously they have the capability for more.
  1.2 16v Dynamique
Okay, thanks for the advice I think I'll buy those then. And say if I wanted to buy an amp in future, will the amp work in conjunction with the amp in the HU or will all my power be coming from the amp and none from the HU?