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Alpine + stalk control (plus adaptors)

  BMW 120i Sport

Is it still a "dash off" job for the necessary gubbins, or can I fit this headunit and the stalk/display adaptors without ripping the dash off?

(itll probably need to come off anyway)



No, the stalk display adapter plugs into the yellow mini iso socket.

Very easy but lots of wires.
  BMW 120i Sport

Is that a "no", i dont have to take the dash off?

Excellent, as long as i can get it all up and running without taking the dash off.

(speakers to come later once i decide which ones to get, then the dash comes off).

[Edited by Big G on 3/17/2005 12:09:12 AM]
  BMW 120i Sport

Great, many thanks for your help Tom. Headunit, stalk adaptor and InCarTec adaptor ordered :).
  BMW 120i Sport

Ah b****cks, ill send it back then - know of a stockist for the KCE-940B?

I cant see it listed on, just 840B related kit. Ill make do without the KCE-940B in the meantime then, the display isnt hugely important.
  BMW 120i Sport

Been down to Halfrauds and theyll phone Alpine in the morning regarding the two above part numbers.

In other investigations, I checked the InCarTec website and found It looks like the one I ordered (28-652) has the yellow mini iso you spoke about, and one of the bullet points states "Radio manufacturer name and functions shown on seperate remote display".

Im thinking that the InCarTec will allow use of the OEM display then?

Forgive me for the twenty questions, but when you shell out a few hundred quid on ICE, you wanna make sure you get it right ;).

  BMW 120i Sport

Well the Incartec one works pretty well indeed, it doesnt display the current radio station or the track number but it displays volume up/down, track change up/down and i saw it displaying something else. The steering stalk also works perfectly.

Dont think its worth double the money for the Alpine stuff (£60 Halfords wanted) just so i can see which track im on (tells you on the headunit anyway) or radio station.

Very happy with it, bowled over by how much difference an aftermarket head unit makes compared to the standard Renault unit.

Although it shouldnt actually be a dash off job, I had to take the dash off mine so I could get my hand down behind the stereo and pull the cables back so the head unit would actually slide in. There are so many cables behind there and not a lot of room, that is the only way i could find to actually get it in.

I used the Alpines KCE-940B.