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Alternator gone on mk1 172

After leaving my motor sat still on the drive for 6 weeks whilist i was away. I excitidly took it out on Wednesday afternoon for its 1st run in ages. After about 1 mile all the lights on the dash came on , power faded the alarm sounded whilist in motion.

After only successfully managing to bump it once., i called RAC who determined the worsed. THe Alternator had gone.The car has only done 33k i can see no reason why this would happen as its been running really well prior to being left on the drive.

Renault reckon a new Alternator plus fitting is gonna cost £320.

Has this happened to anyone else out there? and should it be this expensive?




Do the Alternators differ between the old and new shape CLio 172 then?

I will try and get a picture over the weekend.

I had a look and It looks really difficult to fit?

I havnt seen a mk1, if its the same as a mk2 (probably is).. I have 3 brand new units from the f4r turbo engines I obtained.

I will compare it to the one in MK2 and let ya know..


yes Ben.. lol... its like a bloody scrap yard in there !..

work sorta stopped due to winter... too damn cold..

and, Arjun, good point !.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Joe what do u mean work stopped!

Ive not been busier at the minute....sod the cold, its more refreshing in the crisp winter air :D

BTW - Ive acquired a clio 16v shell.....any hints on welding up the roof? I have not had a chance yet to inspect closely the structure of the roof - but a couple of diagonal cross members and a 3mm sheet of steel should see me thru :)


Its a hard one paul, to make it look right...

Only time I have ever done it, is after fitting a cage, and we didnt weld them, we just used pop riveted ali plate rolled on an english wheel for contour.

It might even be quick, neater, and easier, to get another roof complete and weld at the main pillers.. probably less work than trying the sun roof..

Difficulty with the roof panel is the flex when trying to prepare or finsih the surface for painting.. it will probably be a b**ch to get to look anything like right..

Personally, I would fit a cage and replace the glass with perspex but keep the main sunroof frame in place, weld the cage in (Far stronger than bolts).. you can also extend the cage to the front struts and rear tortion bar area to massively increase regidity and crash worthiness.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams


The car will be getting a cage as well, so I spose you are correct. Pop rivieting a sheet maybe the answer..... Appearance isnt too important as its going to be a track car anyway. I was thinking mainly about the strangth of the thing rather that what it looks like.

Might be able to get some photos if it arrives this weekend :)


  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Timebomb sorry for semi hijacking your post.

That bill is ridiculous.

Is it covered under any sort of warranty?

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Timebomb there are plenty of very professional garages around, where do you live and someone may be able to suggest one

you should be looking to pay half of what Renault quote or less