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Alternator Issue


ClioSport Club Member
  Disco 4, 182 Trophy
First time posting, but needing some help! Have searched and read lots of other threads but struggling to find anything that 100% points to the fault.

Car was stored for a few months, went to retrieve it and ofc had a dead battery, tried jump starting and it would die as soon as the jump pack was disconnected, so trickle charged the battery, made the short drive home and put it down to being a dud alternator.

Purchased an PMS AC delete kit with a working alternator off another member on here, got it all fitted up and same issue. Mutimeter connected to the alternator post and various points across the car show 0.4v max. I assume this should mean that the alternator is dead? But seems strange that the issue persists across 2 different alternators, one of which was working on someone else car up until being sent to me? I guess bench testing my old alternator might be a start?

What else could it be? I have checked and cleaned the battery to chassis earth, and the gearbox earth strap, no change there.

My horn has also stopped working, I don't know if this is related? It works when connected straight to the battery, but there's no voltage coming to the white wire when the horn is pressed. Any help much appreciated before I lose my mind!